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Introduce yourself. Name, scooter type, where from, How long you have been an owner, etc...

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New 05 Majesty Owner

Postby SCBill » Mon Jul 17, 2017 20:52 20

I am a retired computer analyst from Southern California. I have a Chinese Lance Duke Touring 250 on which I almost have all the production bugs worked out. It's a Chinese frame with a Honda Helix drive train, well designed except for insufficient cooling capacity for SoCal summers and very poorly assembled. I am presently preparing to install a second head gasket as it approaches 7K miles. It starts and runs fine but is bleeding engine oil into the coolant. It is freeway legal but not necessarily freeway advisable. The problem is, it's so light that wind buffeting from freeway traffic can make for some very interesting moments at 70+ mph or 105 indicated.

I bought the Majesty for something a little more freeway friendly. The extra 100 pounds and pleasantly low center of gravity make it so. I expect to sell one of these scooters once I fix the clunk that the Majesty produces on deceleration after the centrifugal clutch has disengaged at about 18 mph. It's not the clutch shoes banging back toward the center; it's well after the shoes are home (yes, I know about that). It's really the only fault I find with the Majesty so far except that there is no wind protection for hands and arms like the Lance has and mounting a top case will be outrageously expensive.

I grew up a wheat farmer's son and am no stranger to fixing stuff. I rebuilt a friend's '72 Porche 911 in my garage, just because I had a '66 once and could do it. I joined this forum because I know that 1) there usually is a trick to most everything and 2) there is no replacement for experience as long it's not the experience of dummies. Now don't be getting paranoid. We all start out as dummies.
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