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New Majesty Owner

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 21:53 21
by az_slynch
Hello folks!

I recently obtained a red '09 with a hair over 14K on the clock. It was dirty and needed a new front tire, battery and belt case filter. The previous owner did have dealer maintenance done; I was surprised to find clean engine air filters, clean oil and a new Bridgestone HOOP out back.

I have a tall Cee Bailey screen on order since the stock windshield is badly discolored and mostly merely translucent. The seats have some splits that need addressing too.

This is not my first or only scooter. I have a grip of scoots and small motorcycles with displacements ranging from 50-200cc. I am surprised by the handling of the Majesty despite its heft. Brakes got better after a good bleeding and a new matching HOOP up front helped too. Looking forward to irning out all the wrinkles and seeing how good a scoot she really is.

Currently rebuilding an '07 Burgman for a friend which was considered a lost cause by two dealers. I almost didn't buy the Majesty because of the headaches his Burgie gave me, but I needed something bigger for long rides; you can only whip a 125 so far in a day! Taking her for a sharedown run down to Bisbee and Douglas to see how we click.

Glad for this forum, as the maxiscoot world is a whole new ballgame. I look forward to learning and contributing in a useful manner.


Sean L.
Tucson, AZ

Re: New Majesty Owner

PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 11:11 11
by cystokid
Hi Sean!
As a fellow member of SIRs--welcome! I'm the guy form northern MI who spends Feb., March, and part of April in Tucson every year. Friends with Howard R., Jesse B, and Lou K and know a bunch of the rest of the group, too. I love my 2005 Majesty and also had upgraded from a smaller scoot (a Kymco People 150) and feel I made a great decision. I'l be in touch with you and the rest of the group as Feb. approaches...

Re: New Majesty Owner

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:35 01
by az_slynch
Thank you for the welcome. I'll keep an eye out for you when February rolls arould.

I bought the Majesty to complement my current stable. My daily rider is a 2012 Kymco Yager GT200i. Its a great all-rounder, but it's less fun to run flat out on the highway when your riding buddies have 75cc plus on you (it's actually a pretty fast 175cc). Around town, it's a lot more agile than the Majesty.

I put 250 miles on riding to Bisbee with Howard on Saturday. Still working out some teething problems with a bike that sat for nearly a year, but it's getting better. Might need front wheel bearings after Saturday night's flood, the left brake perch needs realignment and there's an errant rattle in the dash. It backfires a little on decelation from speed, but it's only had half a tank of fresh gas through it (blended it in once I'd burnt half a tank of the old gas off). Ill try some Seafoam and an Italian tune-up for that first.

I visited your fine state briefly in June. Ran the 2017 Lake Erie Loop on my 125cc Kymco K-Pipe. Need to get back up there, as I found the riding in Ohio, Michigan and Ontario to be fantastic.

Re: New Majesty Owner

PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 19:08 19
by cystokid
Sounds great, Sean. Anytime you want to come up here and ride, let me know. I know the area quite well, including the famous "Tunnel of Trees". Lou Kelly was here last year and we had a great ride....

Re: New Majesty Owner

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:45 11
by wyomech2003
Welcome to the forum! I'm new to the Scooter World, having bought an '07 Majesty in June.

Reeeally getting acquainted with the Maj, mechanically, since the fuel pump started to "futz-out." (Should have it back together today after replacing pump & flushing cooling system.) It's a fun ride, though, and there's lots of good info & advice here.

Safe rides!