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  1. TMax
    Hey guys! I have a Tmax 560. Model 2020 Mods: Variator Polini evo 12/14gr. Turque spring polini 94kg. Variator belt Polini 31.2mm, with shim installed. Bmc air filter. Marvin lab 38mm velocity stacks. Akrapovic exhaust. I recently installed the enlarged throttle body 37mm of Jetprime. And I...
  2. TMax
    Hi, I finally went all in on figuring out why my TMax I bought last summer from a guy for $3500 is overheating. about 5k miles on it. The outlet pipe for the fast idle plunger is rusted through. The hose attached to it partially covered it, but I'm sure I was slowly losing coolant when the...
  3. TMax
    Hello there It’s Francesco from EasyBlock. I work for a new startup involved in the bike security world. We make unique locks for bikes designed to protect the bike at any stop. We want to be more involved with the rider's community and this forum looks perfect for it. All our products are...
  4. TMax
    Is there anyone interested in purchasing a tmax? 17k miles $8K
1-4 of 4 Results