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05 Majesty 400 review

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i found the above link and thought it might be helpful for potential buyers of the majesty.

this info is still good for the 06 maj also, as the 06 is unchanged mechanically from the 05 model.

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Thanks for posting the review...it's always good to see what a variety of dudes think of my prized scoot.

This bloke is obviously used to very fast bikes...to call the Majesty's acceleration mediocre may be true in relation to sport bikes, but, hey...it's a 400cc !

And it is quite fast enough for me...while I've touched 95 several times on the open highway, I don't make a habit of staying anywhere close to that speed...one car entering the road and it's all over. For a high powered 150mph+ bike [with brakes to match, hopefully] 95 is just getting going.

And as far as scraping the fairing on corners...well...maybe not. But there's not too many vehicles faster than this old man...certainly no 4 wheeled ones, anyway...or Harleys. {Puts on his Aerostich t-shirt with the "ride like a knob and die" logo}.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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