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1604 Majesty

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Saw a gray Majesty during the Thanksgiving break crusing south on Loop 1604 near Sea World ... the first Majesty I have seen in San Antonio besides my own! Anyone in San Antonio speak up!
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'06 Silver Majesty...
You'll see me on 1604 too!!
I have a red one, mostly on the southwest to southeast (Kelly to Randolph and back) so far. I saw a silver/grey maxiscoot on Military drive just outside Lackland the other day, but wasn't sure what kind it was since it passed fast going the opposite direction. I'll keep my eyes open for y'all.

We almost have enough for a scooter gang :wav:

Maybe a ride is in order? It would be cool to see several big scoots at once cruising down the road. Have you guys taken a ride out in the hill country yet on the Majesty?
Not yet, but I'd love to go (ride in hill country)... my neighbor has a big Vulcan- looks kinda strange riding with him, but I always leave him in the dust at stoplights!
I haven't taken it out in the country yet. Just got it and am still in the break-in period. That'll go quick since I'm commuting almost 50 miles round trip on it three or four times a week...

Did you get yours from Alamo Cycle Plex? How many miles so far?
Nope, got mine at Yamaha of San Antonio. They gave me a "Thanks for getting blown up in Afghanistan" discount. I've ridden to work twice now and have around 125 miles on it. I should blow through the break in period pretty quick with a 50 mile round trip commute.

Keep the rubber side down.
A friend of mine saw 6 big scoots at the intersection of 151 and 1604 on this past Wednesday ... I do not know if it was some folks passing through or if there are a bunch more big scoots in town ... hope its the latter.
I've seen a few running around town now and then. I'm sure enjoying mine, been riding the heck out of it. Will probably try to make a couple runs up into the Hill Country soon now that the weather is cooling and the leaves should start changing, that is where there are leaves.

Had a great run today on my FZ1 ... time to take out the Majesty ... let me know when you want to go.
texascycle said:
A friend of mine saw 6 big scoots at the intersection of 151 and 1604 on this past.
That's about how many Majesty 400 scoots there are in all of B. Columbia, Kaynuhduh....
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