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2 up riding

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i've seen posts onthis before-wife syas rear foot rests very uncomfortable anyone come up with a fix yet? i traded a burg 400s typr for this bike and i lover it-but wife says burg rear foot rests much better
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there is a post on this forum (somewhere) that shows what a german owner has done to modify the footrests.

i regularly ride 2 up, and have had no complaints about the rear rests (yet)

Tom and Jason - I would be interested to see pics of your passengers seated. Where do they put their feet? Seems like you would put your heels on the footrest and your toes in the breeze. But a traditionalist who insists on putting the balls of the feet on the footrest is going to get sore quickly.

ill do what i can for photo's

i had not taken any real notice of how she puts her feet on the rests, as i have had no complaints so far. although having said that, we have not been on a long ride yet.

the longest 2up ive done on the maj would me about 1 hr or so.

I ride with my husband, and I move my feet around sometimes they are on parallel with the bike and sometimes I put heels with toes pointing out. We have just added a backrest and Givi topcase with I think makes the ride a little better for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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