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2008 Majesty died today

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I turned the key. Nothing. Then 30 seconds later I could see the needles sweep across the tach and speedo. The dials showed like normal. Horn worked. I could hear fuel rails come alive.

Then I push the starter button with the stand up and grasping the brake. I could hear a little clunk but....

Nothing. Dials go blank. Nothing.

Will not turn over.

I repeated this. Every 30 seconds or so the dials would light up, needle sweep, horn works etc.

I pushed it home.

Battery charger says full battery.

9400 miles. Kept garaged all the time when not in use.

What electrical part or connection has gone bad?
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Battery charger readings are based on voltage not battery amp capacity when under a loaded ie when you engage the starter.

Based on your description remove the battery cover and check to confirm the cable connections/terminals at the battery are not corroded and tight.
If the terminal connections are ok then check the battery voltage with a multimeter.
A good battery will sit around 12.6 to 12.8 volts when fully charged(again does not verify amp capacity)
Assuming the bike will not start watch the mutimeter set to volts when you engage the starter.
If the starter is cranking the voltage will drop to around 9.6 to 10.5 and return to about 12.6 when you release the started button. If the starter or relay just klunks or clicks verify the battery voltage drop with the starter button pressed.
Voltage drops below 9.6 may indicate a bad cell in a battery or a bad connection hopefully eliminated. Battery failures can be spontaneous regardless of age but if more that 3 years old can be an end of life factor. The diagnostic flow charts branches off from here but I would start with this.
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Thank you. Turns out the present battery was installed in January 2017. I'll change it out this week and see what happens. Thanks for your response.
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