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ABS Questions

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Is there a way to install ABS yourself?
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Unfortunately not for a bike that doesn't come with ABS as an option.
What does ABS actually Made of except for a computer wouldnt you be able to make one or buy one from somewhere

Isnt it possible

I ask this so blindly because i had a linhai (sub-division of yamaha) powermax 50 scooter) which i tuned up and put a new engine on it and a new exhaust and one day it was raining and i was riding and going around 60 and had to hit the brakes (not even hard) and my front AND back tires stop resulting in a slide with my leg on the ground caught on the muffler burning my leg (if you want a picture of it just ask) and a lot of plastic damage
the morale of it is all bike should have ABS for safety reasons

Please respond if you know anyway to get ABS on a majesty (we are paying 5500 dollars to get the bike why not abs?

If you rev it all the way when your stop will you flip/peel out (burn out) also called spinning tires lol lots of terms :roll:
ABS requires a speed sensor at each wheel, a computer, and a motor that controls brake fluid pressure. The computer senses when the brakes are applied and the speed of each wheel. If one wheel is going 0mph while the other wheel(s) are moving this indicates the wheel is skidding. The computer temporarily (several times a second) releases the brake fluid pressure to the wheel that is skidding.
So you would need a sensor at each wheel, a trigger for the sensor on the wheel, a computer, and a completely different automated brake pump. To build this yourself would cost more than buying a bike with ABS.
DO you have any suggestions for me to avoid ad weather crashes

Im an excellent Motorcycle rider on dry pavement i can do just about anything but when it comes to bad weather im TERRIBLE at it

ive crashed that scooter 6 times and all of them was in the rain, ive never crashed in good weather
Well, besides the obvious - riding slower - use the rear brake more than you do in good weather - you can ride out a rear wheel skid. A front wheel skid means you are going down - 100% unless you have the talents of one of the top motorcycle Grand Prix racers.
Brake BEFORE you go into a corner. Once you start to turn get on the gas SLOWLY and GENTLY. Braking while turning is another good way to crash on slippery pavement. You want to brake while you're going straight, then take the turn.
That's about it except make sure your tires have enough tread. Slicks work great on dry pavement - terrible on wet.
Oh yeah - and don't ride in the middle of the road - that's where cars leak all their oil and antifreeze. When it rains this becomes a really slippery mix. Ride to the right or left of the middle. Hope this helps.
yeah thats what i USUALLY do i do have a story thats quite funny

I do have a fair amount of skill i can do almost any stunt IN GOOD WEATHER

One day i was comeing back from a friends house and going downhill about 65 MPH and a car slammed on their brakes in front of me and i slammed on both of mine and ALL of my tires skidded but i kept complete control which as very surprising. but it scared the crap out of me so bad that i felt like my heart was sitting back on the road beside me :arrow: :shock:
I noticed you have a power commander is the power increases noticeable?
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