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Is there a particular bike that is most suited for aftermarket add-ons such as racks, bags, visability lights etc. Seems in reading various forums that the many more products fit the Burgmans, or can be modified to fit the Burgmans, than other bikes. I think the Majesty is a sharp bike but don't think I see as many add-on type products to spice it up or they seem harder to adapt. Thanks.
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Folks just don't mind drilling holes all over the Burgmans. :p :p Have to agree, the aftermarket is still lacking on 'em.
I don't know about that. Granted you have to look to find accessories but I have found a top case, a back rest, a 12v outlet, taller wind screen, and leg shields for my Majesty.

What else could you want? :p

Leg shields?? KEWL! Do tell about them please!
Cruise control, heated grips, backrest with lumbar support, heater, defroster, a/c. At least I don't want much. :lol:
myhrdly said:
Without seeing them on the bike that picture doesn't tell you much. I have seen a picture of a Silverwing with what may be the same or similar leg guards. They seemed to be fairly large & if these are the same thing they may be quite useful. I would also want to know if they would interfere
with putting your feet up. I like the idea but I hate to buy them without knowing more about them.
At least on the SilverWing, you can get a Clearview windshield, the Givi box doesn't hang off the back so far, the rear handgrips are easier to hook onto, and there's a pre-punched hole in the glovebox for the 12v accessories plug .
Braden said:
At least on the SilverWing, ....
Agreed, but given price differential, dollar for dollar, still believe the Majesty is a better value for what you do get. Just my humble opinion. Best.
I did buy the lower wind deflectors. They do not in any way interfere with
your feet but they are not as large as I had expected. I do believe that they provide some useful protection from both wind & rain. I haven't really decided yet if they are worth nearly $100. For what you get I find it hard to justify them charging that much.
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