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Adjusting Suspension

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Can someone please take a digital picture of exactly how to tighten/loosen the suspension? My gf is not dainty and I cannot have one setting be appropriate for 1 and 2up. The weight difference is just too large.

I'm affraid a verbal description won't cut it. Also, there are 2 shocks, so I'm assuming you need to adjust them both?

Those with digital cameras, please help...
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Unfortunately, there is no adjustment to the Majesty's suspension.


My dealership just told me there are not even any aftermarket springs I can buy. Does anyone know otherwise?

I bottomed out yesterday 4 times. Approx 380lbs on the bike.
You should have your dealer check the bike out. That's not a lot of weight for the bike, believe it or not. With my wife and me on our bike, we're roughly 365 lbs. Add the weight of clothes, helmets and whatever we carry in the trunk and you are talking 400 plus lbs. easy. I've only bottomed out when travelling fast (highway speeds) and running over a raised patch of road (like a mini speed bump). Unsettling at first for a newbie, but you get used to it.

Under normal riding conditions on even and bumpy streets, have never bottomed out.

You might try contacting this company on replacement shocks www.hagon-shocks.co.uk, A rider on another site put hagon shocks on their scooter. Hope this helps
You can also check out the Ikon shock website. They make an adjustable replacement for the factory shock at very little more than the stock price. When the time comes, that is the direction I am going. For those that dont know, Ikon shocks are what is left of the Koni shock company that was around when I was racing cars. If their bike shocks are as good as the car shocks, you will never need to buy another set.

Mackem posted a picture of his UK spec Majesty 125. Neil, we with North American spec 400s envy your adjustable preload. We do not have it. On the other hand, we have progressively wound springs, and you don't seem to. From what I hear, if I had to choose between, I'd stick with the progressively wound springs.

For those who don't know, as progressively wound springs compress, the more tightly spaced coils pack together and stop acting like springs, so the remaining spring becomes stiffer. The trick has been around for decades and is quite effective.

Neither Neil nor those of us on this side of the pond can adjust the shock absorber compression or rebound settings. I gather that is where suspension tuners do much of their magic.
The US distributor for Hagon shocks is www.davequinnmotorcycles.com/
They are very helpful and can build a shock for most any application. Excellent service too.
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