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Adjustments...seat and handlebars effect leg and knee room

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I've had mine for a year now and love it....but at 6'4" it was a little tight on leg room and knee height for the handlebars. I bought the book and read up and decided to remove the butt bumper and replace with stainless large washers which worked great for extra leg length. You can also adjust the seat fore and aft with the screws for that when the seat is up.

This morning after reading the manual and listening to some advice here I took the top plastic fairing off the space between the handlebar ends....four hex head screws hold the top to the bottom. Once carefully opened, there are in the center clearly reachable four large hex bolts which clamp some parts down over the handlebar center and hold the handlebars in position...from way down to way up or as set up by my shorter mechanic when the bike came originally I guess, in the middle. I had difficulty getting the hex key into one of the small top fairing screws but eventually did and the fairing came right off. I adjusted then carefully retightened the handlebar hex head bolts back up. The handlebars now have one inch, 2.54 cm, clearance between the top of my knees and the grip now which makes it easier to keep both knees in and straight ahead in all attitudes of riding and cornering. Had to change the mirror settings but that was easily done. Fits much better and rides safer as well.

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Outstanding!! It's great to hear that you've made your ride more comfortable and safer. MUSA forum members are developing wonderful tips and tricks for our rides.

Please post more as you ride it and check the new feel more. Thanks!
Terrific, this is the first complete, hands-on report of the handlebar adjustment. It seems it has a tricky but not overly difficult aspect to it... well worth-while for those who need the extra kneeroom.
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