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Air Filters; Majesty yp400

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Good Morning All !!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and most importantly a safe one.

I priced Air filters on-line for my MajYP400. OUCH. I pulled the panels and checked mine out after noticing decreased power and gas mileage the last week or so. I have 4200 miles and when I held them up to the sun I was unable to see through them. Filthy.

I was able to clean my filters, they are as good as new and if you are interested in saving 50 plus bucks I'll explain how to do it.

Material needed: 1 gallon of oderless mineral spirits. Air compressor and hose and gun nozzle.

1. Pull panels and get the filters removed.

2. Tap all loose debris, oil, dirt and road scoodge, off of the filter.

3. Hold filter over a 5 gallon bucket, metel side facing you, NOT the filter element facing you, this is IMPORTANT, and pour the mineral spirits over the metel side of the filter. Tap out excess mineral spirits into the bucket.
(you can pour out the mineral spirits from a platic cup, a one gallon can can become un-wieldy)

4. Blow out the element from the metel side. Hold up to sunlight and if it's still a little dirty, then repeat step 3.

5. Put off to the side or set out in the sunshine and let dry. Another important thing is to make sure they are relatively dry. If you sucked a bunch of mineral spirits into the head you stand a good chance of glazing your valves etc.....

I did this saturday and rode my scoot sunday and what a big difference in power. I'm sure my mileage will benefit also. I hope this post will help some folks out there. Personally I refuse to be held hostage to some funky air filter designs. They are expensive and I figure I can do this maybe 2 times before I'll go ahead and replace with some new air filters.

This will work and will not hurt your engine one single bit.

Have a safe week all and pleasant riding.

Rufus :wink:
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I already bought all the filters, but I am going to try this anyway. Where does one find the Odorless Mineral Spirits? Thanks for the great tip!
Hiya TexasCycle!

How was your Easter? The weather here has been very windy but warm also. You can get the oderless mineral spirits at any Lowe's, Home Depot or any other hardware store. They are sold in pints or gallons. I buy gallons because in the long run it is much more economical. Have a great week and be safe out there, yes?

Rufus :wink:
It hit 97 today ... warm indeed. It really didnt feel too bad while riding, though. When I took out my filters they were black! I have 6300 miles and ride in generally normal conditions ... so that worried me a bit. I went ahead and put in my new filters, but will try your approach on the old ones to see if I can get them good enough for next time around. This way I can switch them out and not have to wait. Everything was filthy down below the shiny plastics ... like I have been driving around in mud and grime all along. I will pay more attention to those filters now.

There are lots of cool places to ride near your area. I have ridden up there a few times on my FZ1 en route to Colorado then later to California. So beautiful. Take care!
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