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Alarm for your Majesty

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Has anyone or is anyone planning to install an alarm for your scooter?

I personally want to get a Scorpio SR-i500 (a 2-way pager kind of system) (http://www.scorpioalarms.com/sr-i500.aspx)

I found some good prices on it other than than that site.

What I was wondering was if anyone knew what connector kit the alarm needs? I dont want to splice any wires, so i want to get a factory connector kit specifically for the yamaha majesty or something similar to the wiring.

Also, where do you think i could put the alarm unit. I dont want to put it under the seat/storage area, because i pack that area with lots of stuff. But does anyone what is in the tail section of the scooter. (The area in front of the rear tailights and behind the storage area, and partially located below the passenger seat/area)

please lemme know what you think about anything i have said. thx a bunch!
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I have looked into the Gorilla Remote Alarm, the Scorpio Alarm and the Scorpio Paging Alarm.
Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to determine what is best for your needs. I will say that bike alarms are quite expensive.
After speaking with a lot of riders locally, they noted that in our area the alarms were a huge waste of money, and nearly all of them use and recommended a Cable Disk Lock Alarm of some sort. They also recommended purchasing a coiled wire that hooks from the disklock to the handlebars. The coiled wire acts as a reminder that the disklock on so I won't try to ride off with it on. Doing so will throw the rider off the bike and possibly damage both substantially. :shock:

A lot of your needs will depend on where you will be parking your bike on a regular basis (e.g. outside overnight vs. garage kept) and how "safe" your destination sites are (stores, camping, hotels, etc). Since each area differs, I recommend talking to other bikers in your area, and any motorcycle peace officers you may have. They will be especially familiar with the "high crime" areas in your town, types of vehicles that are stolen, and what the more successful theft deterrants are for your area.

Hope this helps!
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yes, thank you. it does help. I have been doing tons of research on alarms, but i need a pager alarm to notify me if anyone is messing with my bike and scooter (I own an 06 Kawasaki Ninja 650R, too). I am getting a scorpio alarm for sure with that one. Its just that vandalism can occur in areas i park my bike.

On top of the disk lock, i use one, plus a cable lock through the frame hook to a telephone pole. But i just need more deterrance of ppl trying to steal or tamper with the scooter.

I was also curious if there is any space behind the passenger seat area (not the cargo space under the seat)
mk4ce said:
Has anyone or is anyone planning to install an alarm for your scooter?
I have the Scorpio SR i500 unit on my scooter, a Burgman 400. It's placed within the fairing. Its maker Aritronix supplies the connection stuff and the installation is easy. Of COURSE it's easy for me because I didn't do it. The previous owner did it. He's not a electrician or mechanic but he said it was no sweat.

I found the unit very nice and easy to use. It's been reliable and accurate so far.

One word of warning. The remote pager unit goes through a battery every month or so. That's not too bad being it's in constant contact with your bike. However, if when you replace the battery, be sure it's in communication distance with the bike or the sender (or bike's unit) won't recognize each other and you'll believe something's wrong with the system. This is an undocumented feature I learned the hard way one day at 5 a.m. which is a lousy time to deal with 129 decibels up close and personal.

The unit will tell you if you're in range.

A benefit of the pager unit is it will tell you when the bike's battery voltage drops below 11.3 volts. This is something nice by telling you you need to charge the battery by hooking up a battery tender or, better still, go out on a nice ride.

I have the optional proximity sensor which I never activate because it's annoying and dumb and bugs the poop out of passersby without any benefit to you.

Good luck to you and ride lots.

dave B.
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The $300. Bucks for that alarm seems pretty high isn't it ? If you need only to be notified that someone is tampering with your bike, I would think there would be cheaper ways to go.

I get junk mail from this security company called X-10. I'm sure you've seen it. They have motion detectors, etc.

I'd like to have one of those, but $300. buys a lot of ride time !

Pikeville, Kentucky
Well then again with disc locks or anything else thats tamper resistant what keeps people from picking it up with 3 or 4 guys and loading it in a pickup truck

BUT that scorpio has a system that tells you when its being moved so really 300 dollars for something that keeps your $5,800+ bike in you possesion is worth it and it tells you if your battery is dying, also it has a remote shutoff so if someone does get your bike started you can shut em right back down
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