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Another Houston rider

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did you buy larger windscreen?
yes, Givi240.00%
yes, Yamaha tour00.00%
yes, other120.00%
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Looks like I'm not alone in chosing the Majesty. Houston's a big place, but we live in a small world... Give us a wave on the west-side commute! :D
Welcome along BigJim! I also live in Houston, but in the NASA/Clear Lake area. The Majesty is the perfect bike for the Houston weather-- I ride mine all year and actually got rid of my cage! Hope to see you soon on a poker run or charity ride. 8)
BTW - what year and colour is your Majesty?
Blexcroid said:
Welcome along BigJim! ...
BTW - what year and colour is your Majesty?
Got it. Thanks. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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