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Another Maine Majesty

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Hello to all Majesty enthusiasts! My friend Vicky directed me to this site and I am delighted to see all of the posts here. I own a 2005 Majesty that I purchased in August of last year. Since I live in central Maine, didn't have a long riding season, but still managed to log over 1600 miles on my bike. I am definitely in love with my Majesty and consider it to be the BEST form of therapy for a stressful life. I'm anxious for the warmer weather of spring to get out on the road and RIDE. Safe travels to everyone!
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Welcome Lori, Family was up in Maine this past summer, loved the coast. And would really like to ride the scooter up there. Looking forward to being on the road again.
Howdy Lori and welcome to the forum. We look forward to reading about rides from you and Vicki. I know Maine is gorgeous in the spring as trees start to bud, so as soon as you can handle the chill, get out and enjoy the beauty! :mrgreen:
I'm sure you'll enjoy this fourm. Lots of knowledge here.

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