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Any SF BAY AREA riders out there??

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Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site......found it while in the Majesty Group site. Wow! Your site is soooo organized, I love it! :D

Anyway, I began my scooter experience back in April of this year, on a '05 Honda/Elite 80. 6 mons later, I was ready to upgrade to something w/more power, and on Nov 2nd, I purchased a used '05 Majesty. The owner was another lady who was like me....ready to upgrade in 6 months, but she now has a Yamaha Vtec, to ride along side her hubby. Not that she had any probs doing that on the Maj she said. In fact, she was VERY reluctant to sell her Maj, but economically, it had to be done.

I began riding to help deal with Calif's outrageous GAS PRICES. I thought commuting to work on a scooter would help, and it certainly does that! However, now I want more! Seems it would be pretty fun to have someone to ride w/now and then, so I'm interested in finding others that wouldn't mind a newbee tagging along from time to time!

Ok, that's it. I think I'll really enjoy this website. Be safe out there!

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Welcome along to the site! I've seen a couple of other people asking about others in the SF area, so I suspect we have a few. Enjoy the forum and welcome again. :D
Welcome to MUSA, Vicky! Don't forget to check into MUSA's sister-site, Burgmanusa.com, we have a lot of Bay area Burgman owners there who would love to have more company to ride with (none of us really care what you ride, just that you want to ride!). I own a Burgman AN650 & I love to ride & talk scooters w/anyone who has an interest, that's why I come over here to help get a brand new site get rolling!

I can promise, w/o reservation, the you would be welcome there!

Hello Blexcroid and Wyldman,
Thank you for the nice welcome! It was good to see them waiting for me when I signed on. :D

(Royal Blue '05 Majesty 400)
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