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Anyone have the Givi E52 top case?

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I was looking at it at the Twisted Throttle site.


I emailed them, and you use the E331 rack with the E52NF case. The rack makes the electrical connection with the scooter.
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Hello...I bought my bike used...from Jodi on this board.

The bike she sold me has a Givi top box similar to this...maybe last years model...but similar.

I love the box...holds a lot, looks good...locks up nice and is simple to remove. However currently the light on the back isnt working...was going to look at it last night...never got around to it. So its either the connection or a bulb...I will try and check tonight..

But the cosmetics of the box and fitting are superb...so once I do figure out the light thing...it is a GREAT Box.

Hope this helps,
Rich - Maj '05
Tulsa, OK
The E52 is very popular with the folks who inhabit the BurgmanUSA site. The only complaint I've ever heard about that top box is the electical connections for the tail light can be a source of frustration.

Thanks. I'll have to search the Burgman site for their opinions, too.
I have the GIVI E52 on my Burgman 650 and I think it's great. It looks good and holds a lot. I have the silver and it matches my bike wonderfully. I added the light kit and a Kriss modulator.

Janine :)
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