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At what mileage point or year of ownership do you

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care less about scratches, swirl marks, small dents.

I figure for me about 5k or 2 years. At that point my Majesty will considered to be the beater of my 2 vechiles and the ride I would take to the worse neighborhoods in the city.

I've owned it for about 5 months now and have never washed it. I only check my tire pressure.

In fact as long as it runs great, I have no problems leaving it outside even during the rain.

I own it, it doesnt own me.
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After you drop it the first time. :oops:
Blexcroid said:
After you drop it the first time. :oops:
Amen to that. And I dropped mine right off the bat last fall. I have never washed it, and probably never will. I wipe it off with a wet towel from time to time. It's just a machine. Then I dropped it again last week. I've duct taped up the damage, and kept on riding it.

I've got a little over 6,000 miles on it since I got it last fall, call it 8 months. When I get through with it, it won't be worth anything anyway.
Seems to me this is a matter of individual choice or taste. Some folks give a damn and will fuss over until its dying day, while others will not fuss after the first ding!
I guess I'm at the other end of the scale.
Although I agree that when I'm done with it, it may not be worth much; I'd like it to look and run as good as possible during its time with me.
I don't leave it in the rain unless there is no other choice.
I clean it regularly with detailing spray and an occasional full wax.
I even use the detailing spray to remove the dirty footprints from the footrest area.
I know this is anal but I even clean the wheels and the visible undercarriage after a dirty ride.
This really doesn't take much effort either.
My dealer mentioned that he was quite surprised how clean it was when I took it in for my last service.
All of this work/love doesn't make it run any better or longer but it just looks good.
I guess I am somewhere in the middle ... I like it clean but I dont spend too much time on it. I clean my wheels and what not when I notice they are dirty and have some time to spare. But in general I just run it hard and put it up wet :lol:

I do check the oil before (almost) every ride, the air pressure any time the temps vary wildly or every other week and a good wipe down once a month or so. I have only "washed" it once because I took it down to the coast and road on the beach for a few miles. It handles the packed sand very well and the loose sand better than the average bike.

All in all, it is a very low maintenance machine ... I take my hat off to Yamaha for this one ... they got it right!
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