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Audible turn signals!

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Yes I know these can be added, but geez, what's with Yamaha...my Vino didn't have audible turn signals either.

My Kymco on the hand has a perfect audible signal... and flash to pass!

Come to think of it, Yamaha has flash to pass on it's European Majesty 400's... why not here?
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Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to Yamaha:

Dwight A. Masson
City, State, Zip

January 1, 2007

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA
6555 Katella Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630

To Who It May Concern:

I currently own and love a 2005 Yamaha Majesty Vin# JYASH03Y0????????, but I do have one very serious complaint with the Majesty. You cannot tell when you have the turn signals on, 90% of the time. There is no audible warning, the lights on the instrument panel are so small you can't see them, (plus they are green, which tends to blend in). This can be and is a road hazard, as it gives someone following you or coming toward you, the impression that you intend to turn when you might be going straight ahead, when you have forgotten to turn them off.
Now I know for a fact I am not the only Majesty owner that has this complaint, I am a member of the Majesty Owners Web Sight (www.majestyusa.com), we all love our bikes, but this is one of the major complaints that we all have. Why doesn't Yamaha come out with an audible warning device that can be placed between the flasher and the wiring so it would be very easy to upgrade our bikes? I happen to be in the auto parts business, back in the early 70's Nissan Motors made an audible device that was placed in the wiring between the main loom and the flasher which upgraded the audible sound of the flasher by three times normal (it was intended for those people that were hard of hearing), and worked great. I am sure that all of us would pay the additional price to have this upgrade available. Please, Please offer us some help!


Dwight Masson

The answer I got back, was a form letter telling me that my letter was under review. It was signed by an employee of Yamaha, with a telephone number if I had other questions. I called, the original author of the letter was busy, soooo, I talked to someone else. She, indicated that they had not received any other complaints with the issue that I was having, and therefore nothing was being done. If there are others out there having this same issue please write a letter to Yamaha and let them know about it. Yes, I can buy one from an aftermarket company, but you have to wire it in, not especially a desirable solution as it weakens the wiring on your bike and its another area for water to get in when caught in a rain storm or when washing your bike. Your added support with this issue would be appreciated. Thanks!
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