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We are posting this notice from Bryan on the MUSA site since they are 'sister' sites so all are aware of the rules, responsibilities and consequences.
Greengoose said:
Unfortunately you may notice one or more members missing from the BurgmanUSA forum. The BUSA staff has spent a great deal of time dealing with certain issues that arise from time to time. These issues have been generated by certain forum members over and over again. Members who disregard guidelines specifically set, or find it necessary to ride the thin line of basic respect and courtesy, will find themselves temporarily or permanently banned from BurgmanUSA. BurgmanUSA is a private forum. The guidelines are just that: "A guideline." Please use common sense and not try to ride in the "gray" zone of what might be considered acceptable posting. The moderators are voluntary and enjoy reading the posts and participating in the community. A moderator's job becomes less enjoyable when they have to deal with "gray" situations on a regular basis. Those who feel the need to ridicule and "stir the pot" could find themselves banned.
It does sadden me to have reached this milestone with the forum. Before today I have not banned anyone from the site.
-Bryan / Greengoose
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