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Battery charge?

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Has anybody taken the battery of their Majesty out to charge it? Is it a pain to remove? Is it safe to charge while still in the scoot?

Thanks and Regards,
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Will, yesterday I connected a 12 Volt cigarette lighter outlight for my majesty. To get to the battery, I removed the rear seat, and the rear piece of tupper ware connected with 4 allen head bolts. Really nothing to it, just lift the battery out. I didn't remove mine but I could have done so eaisly. Look at the picture I posted in the Gallery. Might help a little.

Thanks, Doug. I played around with it today, figured it out, and was going to post a "how-to" but you beat me to it. Mine was a little more complicated in that I have a Givi top box, so I had to remove the mounting plate as well.

Buy a Battery Tender Jr. [$29]

It comes with pigtails that attach to the bike, so plugging in the charger is easy, and external. It also comes with alligator clips that either attach to the charger, or to the bike [jump anyone?]

Oh yes...it will not overcharge...Mine is attached all winter.
My scooter barely started this morning after waiting out the rain for a couple of weeks. The previous owner had a battery tender, and left the connector attached. I am going to get a battery tender this weekend.
Where do you buy a battery Tender at?

A Battery Tender can be purchased from most motorcycle stores or even from Cycle Gear or other online suppliers. I use the Battery Tender Jr. on my Majesty with very good results.
I bought one for my VWBus at Walmart. It is pretty small, but not sure if it's small enough to stash on the bike somewhere!
jettman said:
Has anybody taken the battery of their Majesty out to charge it? Is it a pain to remove? Is it safe to charge while still in the scoot?

Thanks and Regards,
I removed my battery for winterization and it was a pain but do-able. It was much easier to take out than to put back because the rubber strap which clips over the battery to keep it in place is so fiddly.

When reinstalling the battery I lost the bolt to the negative terminal when screwing it in place. It got away from me and fell in behind the battery and through a hole. I couldn't retrieve it to save my life! On the second try, I attached the terminals when the battery was tilted outward a bit before pushing it all the way back into its resting place. That made attaching the terminals easier and eliminated chance of losing a bolt in behind.

In my experience it takes two people to put the battery back. One to hold the rubber strap (pulled taunt after clipping in behind the battery and with strap over top of battery), as the other pushes the battery in the last bit. Then the person holding the strap (or the person with the smallest fingers because there's not much room) attaches the strap to the clip in front of the battery.
I've since learned to change the battery by myself because I figured out how to hold the strap taunt and out of the way while attaching the terminals and pushing the battery back into place. I loop a long elastic band through the front strap buckle and pull it back over the seat toward the front of the Maj and attach the elastic band to a weighted object resting on the seat. This ensures that the back buckle stays clipped and the strap stays in place while you work.

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When I instaled my Batter Tender, I mad it a permanent install andran the cables under the pillion seat to the trunk. Now I just need to open the trunk to access them. No more fighting with Cowling A!! 8) :lol: 8)
What kind of battery does the Maj use anyway? (size, amp-hour rating/etc... I take it's not a deep-cycle type battery either?)
The Majesty uses a GT9B-4 size, which, last time I looked, was NOT available in a hi-quality type, a la Odessy, et al.

By the bye, folks...the pigtails on the Battery Tender jr., if installed permanently, make a neat outlet for air pumps, etc...just use the allagator clips that also come with the Battery Tender jr.

This will NOT work for jumping the battery...I tried , and blew a fuse. Now, the tool kit contains 6ft. jumper cables...
Just wanted to thank this thread sooooo much. I just got the majesty out of storage and it wouldn't start. This is my first winter with it and I do not have a manual. I had no idea where the battery was! Thanks to this thread, I was able to find the battery, charge it, and was on the road this afternoon. Thanks so much!
Harbor Freight has a 1 amp charger on sale now for under $10. It does not have the attachment you can leave on the bike however.
I have a second bike I rarely use & I wonder how often I should charge the battery & how long should I leave it attached?
Manual says that these sealed batteries need a special "constant voltage" charger, so I wonder if the Harbor Freight unit is okay. I got a Battery Tender Jr yesterday at my very expensive local dealer fr $55 CDN (under $48 US).
I have my scoots rigged with an extension from the battery to power my Gerbing (sp) electric jacket and gloves and have modified the Battery Tender, and a couple of Chinese versions I got on Ebay for $30, with plugs that fit the extensions. If you live in a relatively sunny climate you can also get a solar panel for about $30 and fit it with appropriate plugs for your extensions. I have one and it works great on several hours of sun..whenever it shines and will not overcharge. Used to use it on my ultralight Oddesy battery and left in on all winter.
I just bought a solar charger from Harbor Freight. The regular price was $19 & it was on sale for $9.99. I intend to use it for the battery on the motorcycle I rarely use. Note: This is not a sealed battery.
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