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Battery charger or back-up battery.

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Hi, My dealer was going to sell me a battery jumper for batterys that go dead on the road that costs around $139.00. He said we cann't have cars jump us because we need a much lower cranking amps. Does anyone on here have a better place to buy this on the net or store?

Thanks, Scooterman.
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i have heard of other majesty owners that have successfully jump started from a car. if done correctly, it should work, no problems.

you would first need to remove the cover, but that can be done very quickly, with only the use of a pointy object.

I have had several motorcycles jumped off by car and never had a problem. The high amps will overcharge a motorcycle battery if left on too long so I always just started and let the bike charge it up or get it some where that I can put a low amp charger on it.

Your dealer needs to take a course on electricity.

It's all about Ohm's law. Car batteries have the same voltage as bike batteries, but less internal resistance. They can supply more current for heavy loads like an automotive starter, but the relatively light load characteristic of a bike starter means that they won't supply too much current.
There are a large number of remote battery chargers on the market.
I have never seen one priced anywhere near as high as you were quoted.
Most are too large & heavy to carry on a motorcycle. This is the one I carry. I got mine at Pep boys & there are a couple of other similar ones but they cost a little more. You also need a plug that connects to the battery. That will cost another five dollars or so.

http://www.all-battery.com/index.asp?Pa ... ProdID=148
Thanks for the information and my local Yamaha service tech was telling me a car jump would blow up the battery if tried. They were trying to sell me the 139.00 dollar special jumper. He said also I cann't use a portable jumper starter for a car that I can buy a Auto Zone for 59.00.

Thanks, Scooterman
you can jump start from a car but DO NOT START THE CAR OR HAVE IT RUNNING. Incompatibilities between the car and motorcycle electrical systems may destroy some of the electrical components.
gruntled, I'm going order the WAGAN Self Charge Auto Jumper for my scooter.

Thanks, Scooterman
Hi, I tried to order this WAGAN Self Charge Auto Jumper for my scooter but cann't get a hold of anyone at the store to buy it. They don't return my calls and just wondering if they still in business?

I found WAGAN Self Charge Auto Jumper on Amazon.com instead.

I would make up a small set of jumpers that you can plug into the battery tender pigtail. I have used such an adapter several times and it works just fine, and takes hardly any room to carry onboard your scoot. Easily fits into the small glovebox on the Majesty.

You can just splice in an extra length of wire to the alligator clip attachment that comes with most battery tender type devices. That makes a nice light-duty jumper that will very quickly charge your battery enough to start the scooter.

Note that you will need to make sure the polarity is correct. If you use that pigtail you will need to change the polarity markings by using red and black paint.

The WAGAN Self Charge Auto Jumper is large, heavy, and with no cig. receptacle on your Majesty, you would need to make some modifications in order to use it.
http://www.roadtrucker.com/roadpro/road ... sories.htm

The 12 volt clip on adaptor is all you need to connect to the battery. You should be able to find them at most auto parts stores.
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