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Bluetooth Headsets?

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Has anyone looked at bluetooth headsets for helmets recently, whether for music, cell phones, or as an intercom to your passenger? I've been shopping around, and there's definitely a lack of option out there. Seems the Motorola HS830 is the big winner so far, as you can switch it between linking to a device and linking with another HS830 for intercom use.

Anyone see similar out there, or actually use one?
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Do you have a link for the Motorola?
I really haven't found anything that I like either.

The list of requirements for me are...

1) Must fit inside the helmet (full face) with no dangling cables
2) Must have two headphones (left and right). For music and it makes understanding what someone says much easier at lower volumes.
3) Voice actived accept call/reject call (might be a phone issue here) and auto music mute.

A real nice to have is a Bluetooth remote that can be mounted for push to talk or caller id display (there is a watch that acts like this now).

A dream is a inside the helmet mounted caller id display (HUD)!
I got a Scala Rider teamset, have not used it on bike yet. Wayne
Toyota platz
Your not alone...looking for a decent bluetooth helmet.
My criteria:
1) Must be Modular (Flip up)
2) Must be work with Garmin GPS
3) Must be White (color)
4) Must fit
5) Must not cost an "arm and a leg".

Nolan has a bluetooth helmet out.

www.webbikeworld.com has an entire page on this subject.
I have a zumo 550 gps and an Autocom that I use on my Concours. This will work to answer the phone after you have your autocom modified. The sound from an Autocom is great.
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