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BMW into Scoots?

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BMW is rumored to come out with a 850cc scooter...?
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Details? Links? Any sources that you can name?

If I had all the best parts of my Majesty and my R1150RT in one package, I could get down to one bike.

Mind you, the BMW stylists have moved their products into the "too ugly for me to be seen on" category in the last few years, so maybe I'll have to pass anyway.
So far, the only BMW scooter product seems to be the C-1.

Pics at www.motorcycle.com/mo/mcbmw/c1.html
Yeah, I am aware of that one. See my "too ugly" comment above.
Larry Newman said:
BMW is rumored to come out with a 850cc scooter...?
That's the rumor, alright.

Reports have been circulating since early 2005 about BMW's proposed 850cc maxiscooter. If these are to be believed, the machine will be related to their RT line of motorcycles and geared for roadway touring.

Like the Suzuki Burgman the liquid cooled, two-cylinder engine is supposed to be housed low and centered in the body to improve handling while leaving plenty of under seat storage room. Built in back support for both the driver and passenger seats seemed planned to add comfort for long days in the saddle, while wheel size is expected to be comparable to their motorcycles for greater stability at speed. It is unknown whether the automatic transmission will have any special options for speed vs power, but rumor says that anti-lock brakes will be standard. The tricky part might be fuel tank size, as the step through design of a maxiscooter often means this is where compromises are made. However, an optional top-box and possibly the hard saddle bags that BMW is famous for should make this a first class touring scooter, if it is ever built.

Price speculation is really guess work at this point, but it seems to put this magnificent beast in the 12,000 US dollars range. About $5000 less than the BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle.

Here's a link to an Italian article on this proposed maxiscooter with a number of artist renderings:

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MinnMax said:
Price speculation ... in the 12,000 US dollars range. About $5000 less than the BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle.
Or $1000 less than I paid for one of the last R1150RTs.

Thanks MinnMax.
The rumor was that BMW was considering producing a Luxury Touring scooter using Piaggio's new 850cc engine (which Piaggio plans to use in a motorcycle and in a big scooter). Other reports are that BMW, upon further reflection, decided they didn't want to be in the scooter business.
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