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Brakes are working good!!!

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I was riding home today and I was at a red light. There is a Lexus suv type vehicle beside me. We where the lead vehicles at the light. After the light the road goes to one lane, I'm in the lane that needs to merge to your right. He obviously is in the other lane!!! Anyway the light turns green and he guns his suv. I full throttle the Maj. He goes into overdrive and we are side by side. He does finally pulls ahead of me, but not by much!! So I'm now behind him, I give him a thumbs up saying " yah dude, you just beat a girl on a scooter, what big man you are, woo whooo"!!! So he's doing about 80ish down the road, I'm right behind him!!! I think he was shocked that the little scooter could keep up. I kept motioning like I was yawning!! Like this is as fast as you can go dude?!!!! Did a little side to side motion with the bike, like I'm trying to keep my tires warm!! Yes, he kept looking in his side mirror!!!!!!! So anyway's we get close to another light and traffic was stopped, needless to say I had to slam on the brakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stopped ok, and made the guy alittle nervous(on purpose I actually was stopping so good that I let up alittle to help on making him worry if I was going to run into him!!). The maj did good at braking hard. It stayed right in line no skidding or anything. I was impressed and know that it will do good if it has too!!!

I know this was a dangerous thing to do, but it felt so good to show that guy that my little scooter could keep up with him, and besides he did have to go into overdrive to pull away from me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, I know exactly what you mean ... this scoot always makes folks take a second look when they drop the hammer on their 270 hp SUV and fail to leave the scoot in the dust. The scoot has very good manners for a vehicle that looks soft and gentle. I frequently praise the brakes on my Majesty, and in particular, the other day I was in heavy traffic and was attempting to move to another lane when the gap closed up too quick and in my lane the cars had stopped ... I grabbed two handfuls of brakes and was able to panic stop in a distance that I am sure would be some sort of record. I actually had a few feet to spare. The front wheel did lock up a couple of times during the stop ... wiggled side to side, but never lost composure and the rear brake kept things happy.

To be clear, I do not recommend testing it to the limit because there are limits ... but when push comes to shove, this big scoots are certainly able to held their own.

I always chuckle a bit under my full face helmet when some truck or suv tries to floor it away from lights to attempt an embarrassing scooter moment ... they just raced a scoot, might have lost, and wasted a lot of gas ... I love it!
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I think it is a realy good idea to every now and then, head out to an empty parking lot, and practice panic stops. Every couple of weeks, I'll do this. Run the bike up to 80-100km/h and stop as quick as I can. I use visual refrences to check my distance, so I have some sort of idea on the road. Helps me feel more secure. :D
Kim - We definately need to get you my favourite 'attitude' T-shirt from motorcycle girl wear:
:lol: :lol: 8) :p
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hehehe i love that !

Yep, going to have to get that one!!!! :D
I smoke people at stoplights every chance I get... smoked a sport bike at one light, but then he rolled on and got me- but,,,, I stayed with him. When we pulled up to the next light, he was all smiles at the Majesty- 'That thing is awesome!! What the hell is it???' SUVs are the best... eat them alive. Whenever I pass someone I always look at them like 'Why are you going so slow???
You think at 52 I'd be over this sort of thing. But I know just how you feel. The majesty is an awesome scooter.

My scooter will smoke most 4 cylinders (and by the way, I never start the race, just can't stand smart alec guys).

However, I also have a Suzuki 800 cruiser and that will smoke most cars period. But when it comes to a sport bike - forget it, they will leave you standing in the dust every time, unless its a little 250 or something.

My son had a 650 sport bike and we were riding on the interstate. Neither would do something dangerous but I thought okay I'll just get a little ahead (and I won't go past 80, I like to live) but from 60 I gave my 800 full throttle and was moving. He was probably 5 car lengths behind me and in 2 seconds was past me. So much for my thinking I had more power cuz I had a bigger engine.

My son (20) also t'boned a car because of his inexperience and not being defensive enough. He's now lucky he's alive.

I never even raced when in a car, but it just gets your goat when guys think because your a girl that you can't drive.
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I had a panic stop this weekend that scared my wife and I quite a bit. I was following (at least two seconds behind) an suv at an indicated 70-75 mph. We were both at an exit only lane. At the last possible second, without signalling, the suv swerves to the right lane (illegal because the line is solid). After the swerve, a car at a dead stop! I gave it all the breaks I could, stopping with plenty of time (whewww!!!). My wife behind me let out a very loud gasp, since she saw the car at the sime time I did.

Afterwords, I was thinking that if I were right on top of that swerving SUV, I would have slammed into the stalled car for sure.

By the way, the car was the last of a 4 car pile up.

God Bless. :wink:
There are some ladies that can really drive...I once had the good (?) fortune to be beaten by Trans Am racing lady Lynn St. James running an autocross in my SCCA crazy days. That lady could drive and she beat me soundly...so, Kim, I have the greatest respect for lady drivers.
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