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i know this issue has been discussed widley on the burgman forum. however i would like to know what you recommend. my ride to and from work is all highway-to keep up with traffic i must ride 60-65 fro about 10 miles each way. my bike now has 80 miles on it-as i just go it last week. no 2 up with the wife yet. i dont want to damage the engine- but so far all seems ok. had a 05 400s for a short 600 miles. rode it like this as well along with some city driving. because of some dislike i had for the bike i traded for the 06 majesty. i like it much better. i apprecaite any comments on this subject.
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I rode my bike fairly "soft" (under 60) for the first couple of weeks only because I hadn't ridden in many years and I wanted to get my balance & skills back. After about 200 miles I was riding the bike harder (higher speeds).

Take time to do some light riding on the weekends and that will help balance the harder riding you are doing. Do this until you are comfortable the bike is broken in. I was assured by numerous people that the big concern is riding it in the 90-100mph range for long stretches early in the break-in process for a smaller engine.

Do your frontage (feeder) roads along the highway ride at a slower speed? That may be another option if you want to take it easy on the engine during the break-in period.

Anyone else?
You had the 400s Burgman right? I think you made the right choice, the service interval and specs on the Majesty look better.

I broke it in hard, didnt follow any rpm guideline and now at amost 700 miles is pretty strong.
Still breaking mine in ( 275mi.) Lots of highs ( 6000 rpm 75 mph tops) and lows. No constant speeds for any distance. Changed my oil, filter at 250 mi.. Quite a bit of metal in the oil and filter already.
Keep varying that speed, and follow the manual..

I changed my oil around 250, also.
I pampered mine with driving the feeder/access road. Was a hundred miles late getting the service but was told not an issue, since I changed the oil earlier. I'm not a lane-splitting paint-rider, so my break-in was conservative... in this for the long-haul! (And that's not a dis', it's a confession :lol: ).
Hello All !

About "break-in". Vern, the owner of the Yamaha dealer here in New Mexico, told me to just drive it. Any which way. But to watch out for maxing it at long periods of time. He said that romping on it will give you a faster bike down the road. Every bike I've owned that was new I have broken in this way and I've never had any problems. Faster bikes all in all.

That being said, follow your gut feelings. Maybe you'll feel better if you "granny' the Majesty. I mean you will feel a whole lot better and have more peace of mind if you ease it.

Just be safe and enjoy you wonderful machine. Every time I take mine apart I marvel at the engineering. I've had mine down to the frame. It's fun and helps to really know your machine.

Nuff said. Be safe and have a wonderful weekend !!!

Rufus :wink:
From what I understand (and did), take it easy for the first 100 miles, no full throttle driving, then let her rip. Try to change up the revs as you go. Steady RPM is what you need to avoid for any length of time. Change the oil at 750mi (250 seems a bit early, unless you change it again at 1000), and you should be all broken in.
About 30 years ago, 2 friends and I bought identical 650 yamahas. I broke mine in easy (following the manual). One of my other buddies drove the hell out of it once in a while. The final bike was ridden by a crazy man who drove the bags off of it at every opportunity.
About a year later we were all out in the boonies and had a race. My bike was noticeably slower than the other two. The guy who beat hell out of his was a clear winner.
None of us experienced major problems with these rides.

I know that mechanicals have changed significanltly since then but I think that the same situation would occur today.
Drive it hard early and it will perform better.
I know it has been posted on a scooter site elsewhere (maybe even here) but this is a very interesting (and controversial) read about breaking in.

Drive it hard early and it will perform better.[/quote]

I imaging this might well be true...but how about reliability and longevity ?


Well, having read the Mototune...it does make sense...

And I DO have a new bike to try it on in a few days...

With an automatic tranny, the effect won't be quite the same, but I'll turn it on a bit here and there in the first few miles...and change the oil in the first 20 miles !
Larry, thats pretty much what i did with mine.

i have done nearly 13,000 km now, and no problems at all.
the engine does not use a drop of oil between services.

only took it easy for the first tank or so, then just rode lke normal.
with the cvt, it's almost impossible to run up near the redline. (without seriously exceding the speed limit)

and highly not recomended to do it with the rear end off the ground.
most mechanical things do not like to be free reved (zero load) very hard at all.

I've reached 900 km (540 mi). I'm riding it like it's already broken in, except that I try to avoid maintaining a constant speed for any length of time.

When I called my dealer to make an appointment for the 1000 km first service, the service manager suggested that I wait until I had 1200-1500 km on the Maj before bringing it in. When I asked why he suggested that, he said that it if anything was going to need adjustment, it would be more likely to show up with the additional distance. In any case, I'll likely have a bit more than 1000 km on the scoot when I bring it in next week.
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