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Bring Tmax to the US

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I have already called Yamaha public relations. But I figured that I would post here.

Yamaha. Bring the Tmax to the United States!

All other scooters really pale in comparison. I do not understand why we do not have the quality of scooter that is in Europe and elsewhere.

I am in the market for a new scooter and although at this point I think that the Majesty would be my best option, it does not WOW me. The Tmax on the other hand is awesome! I would buy it immediately if it was available.
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I agree with you. Yamaha needs to bring the T-Max here to the U.S.A.. I like the Yamaha quality and would like a twin 500cc. I would buy one if they were to bring one here.

The T-Max rocks and would be a great add-on to the line up against Suzuki and Honda ... not to mention Piaggio, Kymco and others that are gearing up some awesome scoots of their own.

The T-Max would be my top pick because I love good tight corners and leaning over as far as possible ... the T-Max looks like it is designed for that type of task. The Majesty does okay, but the rear suspension can't handle any bumps in the corners and it is not adjustable.
I agree 120%. I reluctantly bought the Majesty only because the Tmax was not available in the US. If they brought the Tmax over here I would upgrade in a heartbeat... especially if they expanded the Tmax line to include a 600cc version and larger diameter wheels for better highway stability. Now that would be sweet.
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Bring the T-Max here...about a year ago somebody in NC had one for sale, obviously a gray market import and I almost bought it...I have a Majesty and while I love it, the T-Max would be much smoother running and noticeably faster/quicker in traffic. I would strongly consider the upgrade if they are ever made available here.
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