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Burgman 400 or the Yamaha Majesty

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Hello All,

I am upgrading a cheap 150cc scooter to a new Bigger Scooter..

I have narrowed down to the Suzuki Burgman 400 vs. Yamaha Majesty 400.

What I want to hear is some good criticisms or reviews of the two bikes.

Thanks, Rich a potential new Majesty / Burgman owner...
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I did a lot of research on both scooters and I decided on the Majesty. The Burgmann requires a lot of maintenance that I can do on the Majesty myself. The Burgman requires a valve adjustment every 3,500 miles that requires major tuperware removal. Also the air filter and CVT filter require cleaning every 1,800 miles. These also require major tuperware removal. I also did not like the small rear tire on the Burgman. The Majesty does not require a valve adjustment until 16,000 miles and both the filters are easily accessed for the side of the scooter. I have also read on the Burgman forums that Suzuki is not easy to work with on warranty repairs.
dbqfan said:
The Majesty does not require a valve adjustment until 16,000 miles and both the filters are easily accessed for the side of the scooter.
The recommended valve check/adjustment interval for the Majesty is 26,500 miles. The Burgman is less around 4,000 having threaded adjusters vs. shim adjusters on the Majesty. That is a big selling point to me.

I also chose the Majesty based on its lower engine rpm's at highway speeds and it's firmer/sportier suspension. I do not think you will be disappointed with either machine, but to me the Majesty simply has the upgrades the Burgman needed, and probably will get in the next version.
I recently had to choose between the two bikes and came to the following conclusions by my own observations and input from others.

- Majesty is technically superior.
- Burgman is a more mature product and thus some may feel it has all the bugs worked out, ect.
- Burgman seat height is slightly lower. For my it meant I could flat foot the Burgman, but not the Majesty.
- Burgman comes in Blue and Gray, Majesty comes in Red and Silver.
- I am going to leave the majority of the maintenance to the dealer. I spoke with the service department and they said they can take the plastic off (and on) both in about the same amount of time.
- Burgman comes stock with a passenger backrest
- My girlfriend felt she was more comfortable on the back of the Burgman than the Majesty. The Majesty seat was to wide for her butt and the Majesty's footrests where to small (compared to the Burman).
- Burgman has linked braking. Not a big deal for me since I rode standard motorcycles before and did not have any difficulty braking.

Both bikes are a safe bet. I picked the Burgman because of the lower seat height and it has been on the market in the US longer.

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I don't have much to add here. Depending on how soon you want the scoot, I will recommend the Majesty. It's a great highway/interstate performer and tourer :shock: . However, for 2007, Suzuki may release the new and improved Burgman 400 in America, which is a mechanical clone of the Majesty (same sized tires and all). It looks like it comes standard with a taller windscreen :lol: . The European version has twin disc brakes up front, but that will likely change when they arrive stateside (usually the case for some reason...probably $$$).

Anyway, get the Majesty now....but either way, you will be happy. Trust me on that.

God Bless. :wink:

The Burgman is certainly a more mature product, but unfortunately that is no working in it's favor. There have been several nitpicks, grumblings, recalls and even engine seizures reported on the Burgman site.

Taking the Burgman to the dealer doesn't change the fact of how much more maintenance and $$ go to properly keep it up vs. the Majesty. Those visits are not cheap and when you have to repeat a several hundred dollar service for virtually every single oil change, that is simply over the top. The Burgman owners argue that you do not have to take it that often and things work out fine, but by doing that they are not following the letter of the manual. I would not argue about which set of plastics come off quicker, but that would be missing the point anyway. The fact is that the Majesty is designed for less plastic removal for most items whereas the Burgman was not. Perfect example is a spark plug change. Majesty is designed to reach the top of the motor in less than a couple of minutes while the Burgman requries major bodywork removal. In the end, the Majesty is far more efficient in the maintenance department, but I thought you had that covered on the first bullet "- Majesty is technically superior. "

Everything else you said was subjective and I tend to agree with you anyway. The majesty does fall short in comparison in the passenger department ... it just doesn't seem like Yamaha actually put a human on the back when designing it, or the person was major pigeon-toed. Linked-brakes are a turn off to me ... I like the control of both brakes because they both give you different features of control under panic braking. If the Majesty had linked braking it would have turned me away no matter how good the machine is elsewhere.

I have never met anyone who was not extremely happy with the Burgman or the Majesty overall. As someone who would like to be able to work on my own machines I find the Majesty superior. As someone who likes to work on my machines less, I find the Majesty superior. As someone who likes to hold on to my scoot more than the shop, I find the Majesty superior.

Yes, I am biased, but it still makes sense :lol:
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I am pleased with the majesty. I do think the burgman gets better mpg. My majesty is pretty low averaging 50mpg. Mostly drive interstate at 75mph though. It gets better fuel economy at lower speeds. If possible, I'd recommend riding 'em both. The suspension leaves a lot to be desired on the Majesty, but it may be the same on Burgman, as I have not driven 1. You didn't mention where you are from. If near FL and you have some experience, you can take mine for a cruise...
i have found quite the opposite (with regard to MPG).

i get way better mpg on the freeway than i get around town.

on the freeway i get about 270 - 280 km before the fuel reserve starts to flash, around town its only 220 - 230 km.

town riding = stop, start, top speed of 80 kph. (50 mph)
freeway riding = few stops and starts and top speed of 130 - 140 kph. ( 80 - 90 mph)

Thanks...I live in Tulsa, OK and have a few options around here. I am also looking at some used scoots as well.

Hopefully I can get something this weekend..it is supposed to be nice next week here.

I am leaning toward the Maj if I can find the right one. But the Burg is not out of the picture...
I ended up getting a used Majesty.
I bought one from Jody on this forum.
It has 9313 miles and seems to run smooth and she took good care of it.

I am excited as it seems so far like a wonderful scooter.
I donated to MajestyUSA tonight as I know I will use this resource over and over.

95 Majesty
Sweet! Keep us informed as to how things go ... glad to see another Majesty owner on this forum.
I've now got rid of my Majesty, this won't be popular, but I'm afraid to say the it's biggest piece of c**p I've ever owned. One day it wouldn't start, so stripped down (twice), replaced loads of parts, and the scooter still wouldn't go. Only 20K on it and well looked after. Wouldn't touch another Yamaha (let alone a Majesty) with a fifty foot barge pole. Get a Burgman 400, they can't be any worse IMO. You can only speak as you find and that's unfortunately been my experience.

Just kidding. Sorry you had a crappy experience. I have had the exact opposite experience. 16K miles of trouble-free, bullet-proof riding. Did you ever find out the major non-starting issue-and at what mileage did you start having issues?
Having owned both Models the Burgman 400 is a better bike overall. Better electronics, more storage, and more serviable. The Burgman 400 has 14500 mile valve adjustments on 2007 and later. The rides are a little different. The burgman 400 your ride in the Majesty you ride on top. I miss the mileage computer and temperature gauge on the Burgman 400 as well as the accessory plug. Both are great bikes so whatever fits you better will work for you. I used to get 60 MPG on my Burgman 400 I get about 55 MPG on my Majesty. Good luck.
When I got my 2005 Majesty I felt (& still do) that it was much better than the Bergman 400. That all changed when they upgraded the Bergman while Yamaha has done little more than change the color of the seat.
I feel for the guy with the bummed experience.! I have always loved Honda. But the morphous changed my mind. I have ridden 20k miles on mine and never a hiccup. I had it out yesterday and the first word that pops into my mind when riding it is "delightful". It is simply a lovely vehicle.
I bought a majesty a month ago and have been riding that more. Love it too. Smooth. .very smooth. Very well built. ..both bikes . I don't know. .i just can't decide which one is best. Im glad that i can keep both!
I too, just bought a Morphous, to join my Majesty, Burgman 650, and Goldwing 1500. I'll be keeping the scooters. Having driven both a 400 Burgman and the Majesty, I would say I like the Majesty better. I think it has better usable storage and handles much better. The 400 Burgman is a better touring type scooter, with a "softer" ride, but tire wear isn't as good as the Majesty. There are a lot more farkles availabe for the Burgman. They are both very good machines.
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