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I've seen two new Burgman 650's in Tricities in the past month. I guess the local Suzuki/Honda/Harley dealer is pushing them. The local Yamaha dealer, on the other hand, thinks there's no market for Majesties around here...he had to special-order my scoot for me from western Washington (the rainy side). So, he has a showroom full of V-Stars. He did allow that, when he test drove my Maj, it was much quicker and more powerful than he had imagined. I wonder how many more Maj's there would be if Yamaha dealers were less conservative?
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most dealers here in oz have at least one Majesty 400 and one T-Max in stock.

seems like they have trouble keeping them in stock in the dealerships.
for example, when i bought mine, it had been delivered only 4 hours before i bought it ! (i had to wait another 2 days for them to do all the pre delivery stuff !)

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