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Buying decision help

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North East USA rider looking at the 2006 Majesty and also the Burgmann 400: both are within $60 of eachother ( approx $5800 +/- ), both are 400cc ( approx ), and each dealer will discount $200 or throw in a helmet equivalent, warranty is the same on each, seating & riding position seems the same. I want to stay in that price window as it'll cost another $1,500 to buy clothing, helmets, top case, bigger windshield? etc etc. The Majesty has a bigger 14" front wheel whereas the Burgmann has a 13". Lighting seems to be similar.

Also, the Yamaha dealer said that Yamaha releases there 2007 model changes & info to dealers on June 21, 2006 and then usually get new 2007 models on their floor by mid-Sept of this year, so should I wait?
The Susuki dealer had an '05 Majesty ( Blue ) for $4495 with only 1000 miles: owner traded in for a Honda Goldwing big motorcycle. The Yamaha dealer said "likely no changes for '07" on the Majesty as it's only been a 2 year run and they tend to go in 4 year cycles, but he really didn't know. Is that true? Same timframe for Susuki? Do '06 "leftover" models in Sept get any price reduction with Fall weather and holding them over the winter months here in the North east?

My riding is mostly commuting on suburban secondary two lane roads
( 40 -- 60 mph typical ) with maybe 25% highway...mostly solo but occassional passenger ( wife) who's small....no big mileage trips, but do all like day trips. Not high mileage annually...maybe 3-5k

Any clear differences? The Susuki seems lower? difference in maintenance costs or schedules? Unique riding / design / style features of one versus the other?

I'm 6' 1" / 200lbs just getting back into riding after 10 yrs absence and stepping down from bigger bikes from years ago. I see where many on this forum replace the stock windshield with a higher touring model and add a top case. Is the Yamaha top case made by Givi...it only comes in black versus the red on the Yamaha scooter unless I order the Givi which does come in a red lid color of the Yamaha but lots more $? This forum seems relatively active with good fair content, so thought I'd ask here.
Thxs in advance for input!
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I dont think we need to make any decisions for you..You just cant decide which one you want..My only advice is to keep researching and make your own decision..This is what i did and the big selling point for me was the difference in maintance..Just go with your gut feeling ..Both are very good and everyone will have likes and dislikes for both..Ohh i have the really really fast Gray majesty.. :D
I have never rode a Burgman 400 but I'm sure it is just as nice as a Majesty. The Majesty does have a lot less maintenance to do but the Burgman is a little lower for the people under 6'. Either way you will get a good scoot.

Good luck,

Doug, I'll step up to the plate and give you a little assurance that the Burg is equal at best, with a high probability that you would find the Maj "better" if you could test drive both.

I did test drive both because, like you, I wanted to make the right decision. Please read my 3 or 4 posts on this page to get my thoughts from my test drive.

Also, you'll be surprised by how quickly you get comfortable and will likely want to take longer trips. It happens to most, but not all of us. It happened to me 3 months after I bought a Scarabeo 150. I thought, who would ever need to take a bike on a highway? Within weeks of cruising at 50 mph I started having dreams of long distance adventures. And that canadian website that is posted here somewhere ranks the Maj a better tourer than the Burg. That in combination with my test drives allowed me to buy the Maj without second guessing myself.

http://majestyusa.com/forums/viewtopic. ... highlight=
It can be confusing trying to make the 'right' decision, and there is no right decision, only your preferences. I see this is your first post, I say wait until you have made up in your own mind which one you really want by spending time on this and other forums such as BurgmanUSA. There is a ton of information, opinions, road tests etc. available to you. Take your time and take advantage of these resources, then you will know that you have made the right decision for you.

I'll go out on a limb:

Plus for Suzuki: The Suzuki 400 is just about to be upgraded
significantly -- and all Burgmans have a HUGE worldwide following.

Plus for Majesty: The current Suzuki 400 requires more
maintenance than a Majesty 400.

Interesting: The Majesty has a serious
safety defect: low speed stalling that could leave a driver vulnerable in
traffic. Listening Yamaha?

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North East USA rider looking at the 2006 Majesty and also the Burgmann 400
I Own a Majesty but have ridden both in a bike test.

The Burgman was the "sport" model so my thoughts may not apply to the standard Burgman 400.

The sport was to me way too twitchy. It required constant course correction and at highway speeds wandered all over. Low seat height but unless you are under 5' 6" I don't think this would matter. Burgman revs higher before kicking in so it 's initial acceleration is better.

The Majesty was smoother, less noisy, held a line well at highway speeds, and had the better seat.
The Burgman has the advantage in that the seat is better for two-up riding and the seat height is lower (for short people like me). If these are not important, than get the Majesty. I have had my Burgman for a few months and am very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a mid sized bike.

Either way, they are very similar and you can't go wrong with either. Piaggo and Aprilla also make 400+cc scooters, but I would not be comfortable recommending them.
drallen said:
Do '06 "leftover" models in Sept get any price reduction with Fall weather and holding them over the winter months here in the North east?Doug
I was looking at scooters late last fall (in Connecticut). Many dealers were sold out of scooters. Found one leftover Silverwing that the dealer offered me a $100 off. Ooooo! I expect with gas prices even higher, they will continue to sell out of scooters.

I bought a new Burgman over the winter and saved a couple hundred dollars. I would not expect that you are going to see the discounts back until we see more snow. Even then, they will not be significant discounts.
Oh, one more thing. Have your wife go to the dealership(s) and actually sit on the back of both the Burgman 400 and the Majesty with her feet on the footrests. I dragged my girlfriend to the motorcycle show in NYC and had her sit on the back of half the bikes there.
Thxs to everyone who's responded.....sounds like "pick either one -- both are very good"... maybe a lean towards the Majesty for taller people
( me ) and slightly less frequent / longer service intervals.

Anyone heard any 2007 Majesty info: same bike for '07? upgrades or modifications? Seems the dealers in my area are more into bigger bikes and mostly carry scooters I suspect to keep the line / dealership franchise although maxi-scooter sales are picking up this year. One dealer actually said he thought they were a joke until he rode one and was impressed. June 21 "new model '07 sales release and specs/info is only a few weeks away, and although I'd like to be rideing soon, I'd also not want to jump in and then find that the Majesty had significant upgrades for the 2007 model.
Thxs again... appreciatte the candor and understand that both bikes are great and that it's mostly "preference".
As manufacturing goes, those "first off the line" models are before the factory workers in Japan have gotten a chance to make all the microadjustments in the assembly/calibration process. As a former six sigma black belt (quality assurance title), I am always weary of getting that first year when they change models.

On the flip side, the last year of an "old" model is, by definition, the unit (in this case bike) that has had the maximum amount of attention paid to it on the factory floor by the operators/engineers/assemblers.

I have an '06 Maj and I have never experienced the stalling mentioned elsewhere here. Coincidense??? :)

So how would you feel if you got an'07 Maj/Burg, only to find out that the '08 models don't experience the bugs that the 07's do. I know it's hard to imagine for those who haven't worked in some type of manufacturing plant, but there are quality circles/teams constantly tweaking problems that the next customer down the line is complaining about. Our scooters probably come from over two dozen suppliers and individual manufacturing plants. Cars come from hundreds!!! That's a lot of learning that can take place every 365 days. Whether it's cars, tube, electronics, etc, these processes are universal in any type of plant and supplier network.

I'm not talking about major design changes or anything else that's visible to the naked eye. I'm talking about defects per hundred and other specs that are measured by the facility that rec

Food for thought....
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We purchased the Givi top case and seperate passenger backrest, took the Majesty on 2200+ 7 day (two up) road trip around Florida. Can't wait for the next one.
ctpaddler2000 said:
Oh, one more thing. Have your wife go to the dealership(s) and actually sit on the back of both the Burgman 400 and the Majesty with her feet on the footrests. I dragged my girlfriend to the motorcycle show in NYC and had her sit on the back of half the bikes there.
I second ctpaddlers recommendation-- Have your wife accompany you and sit both on the back AND as driver. (Trust me, at some point she will want to drive it as well). This way you can make sure she will fit the bike as well. Even if she says she isn't interested in driving it at this time, it will help her feel that the scoot is for both of you (which it is, right??) :wink:
Just one more thought:

The valves have to be adjusted every 6k miles on the Burgman, every 24k on the Majesty. Huge difference to me on maintenance.
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