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Can The 2006 Morphous Be Used for Touring?

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I have a 2006 majesty, and my wifes feet can't fit flat on the ground
the Morphous seat height is 4'' shorter, But can it go on long rides?
Thank You Chuckiescoot
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I think you are asking to much for 250cc scooter. If she really wants to flat foot, how about a Burgman 400?
I wouldn't take it on the interstate, but lots of people put on thousands highway miles on 250cc bikes and scooters all the time. I wouldn't do two up highway rides either, but solo and not over-loaded with cargo should be fine.
Do some searches for other 250cc scooters such as the Honda Reflex and you will find tons of info from people who take that size machine on extended rides/tours.

Myself, a dream/goal is to take a Vespa GTS250 across Canada.

I've done plenty of miles on my Helix on the interstate, and from what I hear, the Morphous goes faster easier. The Helix works up to about 70 on the speedo. I can get it to 75 or so, but it feels like I'm asking to much. On the other hand, low 60's is sweet, and she just purrs along, and gets 75 mpg!!

That said, the reason I'm trading up to a Maj is because I'd like to be able to do 75-80 easily, and feel a bit more sure-footed and stable.

Over on the BR forum, we have a new Morphous owner who took his on a long trip just recently. He says the Morph will do 70mph easily (I believe he's previously owned a Helix) and he's absolutely thrilled with the performance of the machine regarding speed for a 250cc. From his description, I think your wife will do fine on trips with one.

The only complaints I've heard about the Morph so far regard the useless windshield- too short- and that it scrapes (I'm assuming the center stand) easily when turning due to how low it sits to the ground.

Hope that helps-
Chuckiescoot said:
I have a 2006 majesty, and my wifes feet can't fit flat on the ground
the Morphous seat height is 4'' shorter, But can it go on long rides?
Thank You Chuckiescoot
I am SO glad that she isn't trying to ride the Majesty or Burgman if her feet don't touch well. There just aren't many bikes made that can accommodate short people, thus I would recommend that you look into having the seat rebuilt. Corbin and a few others will lower it somewhat, however, takiing it to a custom upholstery shop or a shop that specialises in motorcycles woould be better. Often these specialty people will also be at motorcycle rallys as well. Being a short person myself, I had my Majesty's seat redone on the spot at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston Texas. They carefully removed the seat skin (cover) and checked the foam depth currently on the seat. Surprisingly there is about 5 inches of foam right behind the front "hump" on the seat!! They shaved the foam down substantially and added a small amoount of the visco-elastic 'memory' foam instead. It made the area where I sit compress several inches lower than the standard seat, allowing me to flat foot. Even though there is less foam, it is more comfortable because the foam they used compresses better.
Initially I only had the the section of the seat where I sit rebuilt, however I am going to have the entire seat rebuilt with this foam whilst repairing my bike.
I am sending my seat to Oregon Aero do the work. I am very familiar with their work on rebuilding seats for motorcycles, military aircraft, private aircraft, etc. I have seen several of their seats and they are outstanding. They have even lowered BMW seats which are notoriously tall bikes. I will post before and after pictures of the seat when I get it.
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I suspect that the width of the seat is more of a problem than the height.
I wonder if it is possible to take some padding off the sides to allow your legs to touch the ground?
I saw the Morphous again at the shop but this time I noticed how extremely long it is. I know it is cool, but I am just having trouble saying it yet.

As for long rides, the short answer is yes. I have ridden with folks who have 250's that could keep up quite nicely. We stayed near the speed limits and the 250's were quite relaxed at those speeds. I grew up on 250's and I would ride everywhere on them, and of course back then the motors weren't as strong as they are now. A friend has the new Honda Reflex 250 and it does just fine even on the major highways as long as we stay in the two right lanes. I would prefer to take non-major roads though, but then I do that on any bike I am on.
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