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Cee Bailey's windscreen?

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Cee Bailey's Aircraft Plastics has been making premium windscreens for premium bikes for years. I know many riders of BMW touring bikes who swear by Cee Bailey's.

Now I see they offer a couple of shields for the Majesty.


Anybody know anything about these Majesty shields?
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The prices appear to be very good. I compared the measurements to my Givi shield.
Their thickness is about .015" greater than the Givi. You would need the tallest one to match the height of the Givi & the width is greater except that it would not provide the hand protection but the top design would provide greater upper torso protection. They also have the option of even wider screens. The next time I am in that vicinity I may just drop by to take a look at them.
If I understand this correctly, ceebaileys can provide a windshield that's 5" taller... so the Givi is really 5" taller than the stock also?
the givi is only 4" taller than the stock screen, but the Cee Bailey's screen has a greater rake on it. so you would probably need the extra inch in length to compensate. im not sure on this but. never seen one.

Thanks for posting!! I have been looking for an alternative to the stock screen and this is the first one that interests me. I am familiar with Cee Bailey's through a friend with a Beemer, but did not realise they branched out and started making a screen for the Majesty. I think I'm going to have to put some money in the budget for one!
I notice the lateral edge is not scalloped... does this screen interfere with grips when turned hard?
Most of the pictures are hard to see but look at the first picture of the standard screen. You can easily notice that the bottom is much narrower
than the top.
I had often wondered why the stock screen was made that way until I happened to notice it when I had locked the handlebars.
Has anyone tried their summer screen, which is supposed to direct air at your chest rather than head? Even with a Laminar Lip, Rumble Strip and ear plugs helmet buffeting and noise is still a pain.
I was thinking of taking the whole windshield off soon as it gets in the 90's here in Florida but the summer screen looks like it might be a better alternative.
I wrote and asked Ceebaileys a number of questions about their tall screen but never heard back.

I have the same issues with the stock screen... really the only problem though is the noise. I'm using ear plugs almost every moment I ride -- riding can cause permanent ear damage quickly, and the Majesty is definitely a loud one... at least for this 6' rider.
I'll have my CeeBailey's screen this week and will let you know how much better it performs.

Do you still have the stock size screen they sent you? I was wondering if they could cut it down to summer screen size. I think they usually cut before forming, but it might be worth asking.

Looking forward to your review. I hate my stock screen. It is the only serious flaw in this excellent scooter.
I'm not sure if they could cut it down. Right now I'm just seeing if anyone would be interested in it.

I installed my CeeBailey's screen (+5 inches taller, +4 inches wider at the upper 1/3 of the shield) and the thing is seriously huge. I don't have any pictures yet, but am here to say that it is definitely worth $160. I took off my seat and sent it to a custom shop in Arkansas for a drivers backrest. I did test drive it without the seat and the wind is much less. Of course I'm sitting 3 inches lower with no seat.

I'll have a real review next week when my seat gets back. Anyone else thinking of getting one?
indiana99 said:
Anyone else thinking of getting one?
You mean besides me? Because it is definitely at the top of my list of things to get.
I don't think you'd want a summer windshield. I think it might cause you to go deaf :)

How important is noise, buffeting to you? Does it actually get hot enough up there on the permafrost that you actually need a cooling wind?
I've ordered a summer screen for my wife's Majesty. The buffeting is the only thing I don't like about it. I think a lower screen like on my VFR will really help that. It has been at least 10 days or more since I ordered it though and not a peep from them and no charge added to the credit card. Oh by the way, how does one remove and refit the windshield on the Majesty?
check this post for details that should help with the fitting of the screen.


indiana99 said:
I don't think you'd want a summer windshield. I think it might cause you to go deaf :)

How important is noise, buffeting to you? Does it actually get hot enough up there on the permafrost that you actually need a cooling wind?
I took my windshield off yesterday and have to say that the wind noise was less than with the stock screen in place. Now it was not as quiet as when I would duck my head beneath the screen, but the difference was noticeable. And the buffeting was gone. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to having the wind hit me directly in the chest and head, but I was fine after that. I think a shorter screen for the summer will be on my "have to get" list.
Seems right. It is my stock screen that is deafening me now. I've had a few motorcycles, and never had such wind noise. Sadly, the Smuggler that I am still waiting for has pretty much eaten up the accessories budget.
I don't seem to have a noise problem at all. Seems the OEM is made for us short people. At 5'4" would I really get a big benefit by a larger or higher windshield?

I have a full fairing size windshield on my motorcycle which is great for cold weather, but it seems to catch a lot of wind and get me blown around on the freeway. Doesn' t the larger and broader windhshield on the Majesty make it catch a lot more wind at high speeds?
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