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I just bought a slightly used gray 2005 Yamaha Majesty 400 (at 3,000 bucks, it was a steal) and rode it for the first time today. It is a blast with plenty of power and stability. I am having a little bit of trouble figuring out when it is OK to lift my supporting foot at the start of a turn from a stop but I guess that experience will teach me in time. Until then I will just be careful and enjoy the excitement of learning a new scooter. My Vino 125 will be missed but after nearly a year, I felt that it was time to move up to a larger size. Thanks for all the great posts- looks like I will be amused with all of these threads for hours 8)
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Hello and welcome to MUSA! Corngrats on that scoot! You'll have a blast... Everything maxi-scoot can be found both here and at the sister site www.burgmanusa.com ......

Have fun!
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