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Changing Morphous coolant HELP!

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HI all
Just got an 06 morph, doing service on it
I feel like the coolant flush /change isnt correct what I did can someone address these issues?

Heres what I did
Open drain nut, brown coolant came out, open bleeder, came out even faster
closed bleeder and nut
filled with vig/water, ran bike, drain 3x
filled resivior with fresh coolant

Here my issues, when I go to put coolant in the radiator it seems as its not taking much at all and will over flow from the topn, if I open the bleeder, the coolant just pours out of the radiator tubes on the ground, even when the radiaotr is filled, I open the drain bolt and very little comes out, I just feel like it should be taking much more and I afraid to run the bike now, I took it for a few minutes and no light came on, but why isnt it taking more fluid, can someone tell me when I missing or if I did something incorrectly? when I take off radiator cap, its to the top

please advise

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Do a search on the tube for majesty coolant change.
Lots of good info,
The Morph and Majesty are basically the same. Engine, cooling system, wiring,the only real difference is displacement. Majesty has a bigger bore, piston and rings.Slight differences in the ports in the head, too.
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