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Chetwynd checking in....

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Yup, I crossed over from BUSA too. I got interested in big scooters quite some time ago, got hooked on BUSA because GreenGoose has done such a great job with it, but have a soft spot in my heart for the Majesty. I have a three way race going on at the moment between the Majesty, Silverwing and an undetermined motorcycle. At this point the Majesty is out front.
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If $ is no object, the silverwing is available with ABS. Would have got 1 myself, but money was an object. :lol:
Nice to see you again Rubble! :D
Welcome along Rubble, glad you're here!

:lol: <---Whispering in Rubble's ear "Buy a Majesty...Buy a Majesty..."
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