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clear indicators (a short video for the curious)

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hi all.

i captured a small video using my phone of the clear indicator lenses.
for all that are curious to see what they look like in operation.

the video was shot in my garage, with the garage lights off.
the video is only low res, but should provide some idea of what to expect if you change your amber ones to clear.

i will get another clip in a few days in the sun.


(right click and save as) 1.9 mb

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Jason, I can't seem to either download the target file or follow the link to a 'clear blinker video.'
Not much luck here. I get audio only. It seems to be a codec issue. Can you save with different codecs?
some of you probably do not have the divx / xvid codecs installed on your pc's.

i will re encode the video this afternoon, and post it again as a wmv.
that should ensure that all can play it ok.

a new version has been uploaded to the server.
it's now wmv video format at just under 2mb.

the original link should still work. same file name,same location.
make sure that you right click, and save as. download the file to your pc, then play it.

it should now play on all windoze pc's. not sure about mac's ?

Jason, it appears that you have emergency flashers... how do you activate those.

We don't have those in the US -- just blinkers.
nope. no extra flashers. just white clearance lights below the normal indicators.

the aux / clearance lights come on as soon as you turn the ignition on.

But Jason, in your video, both blinkers are going at the same time... how does that work?
oh, i see.

on the right side grip, near the start button there is a hazzard light switch.
this makes all 4 indicators blink at once.

don't the us versions have this feature ?

No. We don't. And we don't have the FLASH TO PASS feature either.

This makes NO sense because other bikes here in the states have those features. Every Harley I know of has the emergency flashers feature, and my Kymco People 150 has the flash to pass feature.
that is strange. we here in oz, get the flash to pass too.

another cost cutting feature for yamaha ?

you guys in the usa need to pester yamaha about these (and other) issues. like the single disc front end. (we get twin disc's up front)

I suspect it's not cost... it probably costs Yamaha more to make this kind of piddling change.

I suspect it has to do with some obscure beaurocratic hurdle that Yamaha either has fun into or perceives.

Both those features though are great.

I LOVE the idea of the hazard lightes, because there are some situations where they would enhance visibility, big time.
maybe it has to do with ADR's (australian design rules).

they might require all vehicles sold in oz, to have these features ?

i wouldnt mind betting that the us versions probably have the same wiring harness, and that if you look there are probably plugs that are not used near the grips.

maybe it's possible for you guys to buy the oz variant's of the handlebar switchgear, and just plug them in ?
it wouldnt be a cheap exersize but.

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