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Comment from the car next door...

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At a stoplight, from a Chevy pickup next to me, as I was coming home from work, a little old lady in the passenger seat says...

"Is that a Vespa?"

Now, I know most lay people don't know the difference between scooters, and I certainly don't take it any way negatively, as Vespa is such a positively recognized brand. But I think this little old lady realized I wasn't riding a motorcycle and had put it together that I was riding a scooter... I was pretty impressed.

Rather than saying "yes," I raised my hand and gave that "sort of" gesture where you flatten your hand and wiggle it a bit... and said "KIND OF." She had a big smile on her face... and I think she understood mine.
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Yesterday, as I was in the left lane at a stoplight, the driver of a public transit bus on my right said something almost audible, and I caught the last word "motorcycle" so I look over to him, as I'm the only one on a motorized two-wheeler around.

I raise my faceshield and ask him to repeat what he said. He smiled over at me and said "hi, how ya doin'?" Then he said he had been using the microphone to speak to the bus passengers about my "bike".

Sometimes when I ride through downtown [Seattle], I average a question every 2.5 intersections...
i regularly, get asked about the majesty when im out and about.

just last week, at a stop light i was asked "what Brand is that?"
"yamaha" i replied.

"it's beautiful" came the reply!.

"thankyou" i said.

i was very happy.

PCM84 said:
At a stoplight, from a Chevy pickup next to me, as I was coming home from work, a little old lady in the passenger seat says...

"Is that a Vespa?"
Doooohhhhh :shock: Thats worse than when folks asked me about me "Jeep", when I was out in my Land Cruiser!!!!! :twisted:
I work part time at a car rental agency. When I ride, I park my Majesty out front under a canopy. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't come in and ask how much to rent it. Sorry, you can't rent this much fun. :wink:
I've had one man ask at a cafe.
My son always asks, and he asks for his friends too.
I haven't yet caught my spouse sitting on it, but I expect he will after his motorcycle safety course.
NWMajesty....can we assume then that your husband is trainable??? :p
It was the first really hot day this summer over 90 degrees and while waiting at a stoplight, an old grizzled man in a beat up chevy Caprice stationwagon pulled up next to me and asked me if my airconditioning was working. The light had just changed to green, and so I flipped up my visor so he could hear me and said, "Yeah man, I'm cool..." and hit the gas leaving a speechless man in my wake.

There is nothing like a a good one liner!!! :)
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