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Corbin Seat and long drives

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Can anyone tell me if this seat backrest is higher than the OEM seat?
Is it worth getting?

Does it provide more support that original?
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If Corbin were smart, they'd give a rider here a Corbin Seat to test.

I for one have huge problems with the Majesty seat. I've removed the little back rest thing and it's only marginally better.
Having sucessfully solved the windscreen/noise problem, I'm going to turn my attention to the seat.

At 5k miles, I can feel that I've worn down into the present seat.

I have a Butt Buffer, which I've used for long trips, and a Bead Rider, which I haven't used as extensively.

Next season, I'm going to try a Corbin seat. The comments I've heard about it being hard do not bother me...it can always be softened up, by a 250# butt. :wink:

On top of that will go the bead rider, as required. Will report.
I have a Corbin seat but no backrest attached. But I can tell you the Corbin seat ROCKS. I am a large guy...325 lbs and the Corbin gives me the support without being too hard. The OEM seat looks cool , but I was hurting after 30 minutes on the bike. Now I can ride for hours with no complaints. Best investment I made on my Majesty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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