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Corbin Smuggler Trunk

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Here is a product that I would pay substantial dough for were it available for my scooter.


The Corbin Smuggler trunk. I can always use more storage space, and, as I say elsewhere, I don't carry a passenger.

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Wow! that unit for the 1200RT is slick. It makes me want a BMW even more than I already do. They did a very nice job with that one. I wonder if the Smuggler for the Triumph Bonneville or other bike could be adapted to sit in place of the passenger pad?

Definitely nice looking. My only concern would be the usability of the space due to the limited opening. It's hard to tell from the photos...
So I went to the garage and looked at the passenger seat. It is not removable, as far as I can tell. Bummer.

OTOH, I found the auxillary power connector that I didn't know about. Heated sox, here I come!
The passenger seat is removable by unscrewing the bolt at the rear of the seat (almost hidden). OK, so where is the aux. power connection?

I found a short cable lead with a rubber cap on the left side of the front seat when I lifted the seat. Looks like aux power. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
There is a T-handle hex screwdriver/wrench that comes with EVERY Majesty when shipped. It is used in assembly, particularly to tighten the bolt that holds the pillion seat. I went to my dealership and asked how to get the seat off and they GAVE me one of the wrenches, telling me they hace dozens in the shop for the above reason.
The hex screw that holds on the pillion seat is underneath (somewhat) the pillion seat, in the middle of the back, against the seat rail. You probably will need to put your fingers down between the seat and centre of the seatrail and pull the seat foam fontal to visualise the screw. The extra long T-handle helps to give enough leverage to get the screw busted loose. Go by your dealer and ask for one-- they should have lots of them.
RonStewart said:
I found a short cable lead with a rubber cap on the left side of the front seat when I lifted the seat. Looks like aux power. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
I don't have one on mine. Is yours perhaps an aftermarket addition?


Picture of plug inthis thread.
I have been looking at LuggageLocker (formerly RocketLocker) products for years.

You remove the passenger seat, and replace it with a luggage base. The luggage zips to the base. Several sizes of bag for the base.


I wonder if we could convince them to make a mount for our pillions.
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Ron, have you looked at the GIVI top cases. I put one on my blue majesty, including the brake kit and passenger backrest. It looks like it come on the bike from the factory. Love the added storage and the unit can be removed or locked into place. Haven't heard anything but praise from those who have gone the GIVI top cas route.
I like that luggage locker. The problem with the top case is outsized items.
They don't have to be heavy but they could be too long. i.e. a tennis racket. A major problem with the Majesty is that there is nothing to attach a strap or hook to. All the other scooters have a gap under the grab rail that you can use to secure items to the rear seat.

I just sent them an E-mail to ask if they have anything for the Majesty.
Pegasus, I am not big on the looks of the Givi top box, and I don't like hanging more weight off the rear of the bike. I would like to move the weight of my luggage further forward. It may come to that one day though.
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