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debadge the Maj?

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Anyone done this? Are the emblems simply glued on, or pinned on?
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If you're refering to the word "Majesty" on the rear side panels, I'm pretty sure that the letters are glued on. Try applying a little heat from a hair dryer and they will most likely peel right off.


I would recommend WD-40 or Goo-Gone to soften the adhesive. Unless you have the 'right touch' you may end up distorting the tupperware from the heat. :shock:

Not me, of course! :lol: :lol:
So did this work? I was considering doing the same. I just like the clean lines.

I removed mine, as well as the yellow warning stickers on the dash. I found the heat gun helped a little but parking it in the sun on a hot day would be as effective. It took awhile to get all the goo off using plastic scrapers and then I think I used methyl alcohol (brake cleaner) to get the remaining haze off. I was nervous about damaging the finish, but it seems to be ok. GooGone did not work all that well, nor did wd-40. Acetone might work. I proceeded to harsher solvents as my patience wore thin.
It did require a waxing before you could no longer see where the badge had been. It's also hard to get the badge off without breaking it. If you ever want to put them back, you'd be better off buying new ones as I assume they come with the adhesive.

If you can get your hands on plastic razor blades which I've heard people talk about, then that would help a lot. Might be able to find them at a body shop supply place.

In my opinion it looks much better without the badges. but you will feel less royal.
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For removing badges, I also use either dental floss or fishing wire. Just see saw it back and forth acting as a cutter and you can easily remove the badge without breaking it. Then you will just need to scrap off whatever is left :D
As far as the "blinding" badge on the handlebars, it is glued on also. I say blinding because when the sun hits it, it temporarely blinds you as you are riding.

It may be a bit more difficult to remove as it is recessed into the cover.

Jim Brock
Thanks for all the info...I'll give it a try this weekend.

Garland, Tx
After you get the letters off you can get the residue off with plastic scrappers and your fingers. Car wax works well also.
The badges are off...dental floss, a little scraping with an old
credit card, windex, and car wax. Nice and clean.
Thanks again for all the advice.

Garland, TX
I'm looking for something to go there.
Perhaps a Yamaha logo, or some kind of
striping in reflective vinyl

Garland, TX
How about some Harley stickers? That would look cool.
Got to go with flames :D
I'll find something...just don't know what yet.
We'll post pictures when it's done.

Garland, Tx
How about a small clock? I know, there's one on the dash, but I like to have the temp showing.
I'm looking for something to go there. Perhaps a Yamaha logo, or some kind of striping in reflective vinyl
They're a little pricey depending on what you get but here you can design and 'see' your own vinyl decal cutouts - I've bought a few from them:
http://www.custom-vinyl-lettering.net/v ... l.asp?lt=1
I work in a custom sign shop so getting my hands on
vinyl is not the issue...it's finding the right design.
I've got on of our artists working on it.

Garland, Tx
How about a 'YP400' decal? I have to admit, I'm embarrased by the name.
seanc said:
How about a 'YP400' decal? I have to admit, I'm embarrased by the name.
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