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Decided to go with Mobile 1synthetic oil

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I bought two quarts of Mobile 1 10W30 today at Wal Marts for under $6.00 a quart and stopped by my Yamaha dealer and picked up an oil filter. So I'll change it probably tomorrow.

Pikeville, Kentucky
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doug you are a very interesting person ,checked out your website ,bet you have some interesting stories to tell,i changed to full syn amsoil 10w40 at 3000 miles,use this stuff at work for years ,i like syn oil have seen a lot of high temp test,and ran the the same oil in delivery van for two yrs without oil chang ,that was back in 94 van still runnin strong. :wink:
Doug, thanks for the support...

US Army Active Duty
Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet- awaiting my second (third, fourth?) tour(s)...

Converse, TX
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