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Dipstick for the transmission

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Shouldn't the filler plug on the transmission have a dipstick built into it just like the one for the motor. I have been through the manual twice and the only way to check it seems to be to drain it and check to see if the volume removed is .26 quart , and if it isn't add till it, is then pour it back.
That seems a bit much just to make sure the transmission has the proper oil level. I also have to add I second the 12 volt outlet, I need one and anybody already work out the where and how, i'd appreciate the info.
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+ 1 on the rear dipstick, although I don't know if it's as necessary as the one for the engine. The rear gear isn't going to burn oil. The only way to lose it would be to leak it. You should be able to see a leak, but I agree some kind of dipstick would be nice if it's even practical to put one in.

I've never taken one of these things apart of course, but it looks to me that the gears are sitting in an oil bath. They don't have an open sump like an oil pan that a dipstick would fit into to get a reading. Maybe some kind of a sight-glass would be an alternative.
the solution would be to use the same system that's used on most manual cars. there is a small bolt that you remove when filling the trans with oil. once oil starts to trickle out this hole, it's full.

note, not pour out, trickle. so to check the correct level, you just undo the bolt, and if the oil is level with the bottom edge of the hole, its full.

it would be a simple process for yamaah to do this on the majesty.

as for the 12V outlet, it's a very simple job. i done mine myself for about $8 au ! go to your local radio shack (or similar) buy about 6 foot of heavy guage figure 8 wire, a ciggarette lighter socket, and a 10A inline fuse holder.

wire the lot up to the battery, leave the socket under the seat. job done. granted it's not the neatest, but it gets the job done and it's cheap.

You're right Jason. That would be the answer. Same thing on rear ends for automobiles now that I think of it.

+1 on the 12 volt outlet. I saw a picture either here on on Burgman.com where someone had done that very thing.
Jason, I am going to do what you did but take it one step furthur by drilling a hole through the tupperware to one side of the seat or the other in the front and mount the 12V outlet permanently there.

What do you think ? I don't like punching holes in my Scoot, but if I could make it a neat job, I would just be doing what Yamaha SHOULD have done.

I put one on my '99 Road Star and just left it hanging up under the fuel tank. Worked great. Was really handy for plugging in my Garmin GPS III+.

Pikeville, Kentucky
that would work, but you would have to make sure it was water proof when not being used, as it would rust and corrode very quickly other wise.

The one I got at Radio Shack and had on my Road Star had a rubber plug that was kept over it when not in use.

Pikeville, Kentucky
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