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The following came from Tom Evering, who used to make these a few years back.

Her Majesty Footrest
How to make Footrest
10 years after I stopped making the footrest I am still getting request for the them so here are
instructions on how to make them. All you need is very basic woodworking skills.
Disclaimer : this is from memory, haven't made them in over '10 years
material needed
2 x 6 treated wood approximately 30 inches
1 x 4 treated decking {true 1 inch think, know as 514) approximately I inches
Rubber padding (interlocking flooring use in day care workshops) approximately 5 x 30 inches
2 Stainless steel bolts (l think they are 1Omm x 4 inches) {use bolt in present footrest under pad
to match threads).
2 stainless steel washers {l think they were 1 inch/25mm)

Remove rubber pad and bolt from old footrest
Cut 2 x 6 to 15 inches in length, shape in general shape of foot. {You can keep it as simple as
you like or shape them to blend with the scoot (see pics)

Cut 1 x 4 to fit as a spacer where rubber pad is in present footrest" lt is just a spacer between
new and old footrest.

Temporary place two parts on scoot and mark where they need to be positioned. Remove and
glue together. Gorilla Glue works great.
Now the fun part,
Figuring, out where to drill a hole for bolt to go through new footrest.
1) drill hole for the washer to fit in. Drill deep enough so washer and bolt head is below top
surface of 2x6.
2) ln middle of washer hole, drill for the bolt all the way through both 2 x 6 and 1" spacer.
Drill a larger hole than needed as it will give you wiggle room when placing footrest on scoot. I
think I used a 1/2" spade bit. I don't have my scoot anymore so you will have to do the
measuring. You may want to use a piece of scrap wood to experiment.
Cut padding to the shape of the 2 x 6 footrest that you made. Glue back half to 2 x 6. Don't
glue past hole you drilled for bolt and washer. Gorilla glue works best. Be careful some types of
glue expands as it dries. lf it does cut excess with knife. You can also use sandpaper to sand
edges smooth.
I put tape on edges of pad, turn completed footrest upside down and spray about 5-6 coats of
black spray paint on them. One can should be enough. Most paints ,you can spay a coat, wait a
minute or two and spray next coat. By doing this you don't have to sand in between each coat
and spray all coats in about an hour.
Place on scoot, fold back rubber padding, insert washer and bolt and tighten down
This will raise the footrest by about 2 inches and also give your wife more room for "her feet
plus the padding will take some of the road shock out.


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