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Do you know how we can get these from Yamaha?

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http://www.ysgear.co.jp/source/product_ ... %20MAJESTY

These are all Yamaha made parts to customize their bikes....
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im going to ask my local dealer about these items as there are a few
items on that list that im interested in buying.

i doubt that ill be able to get them that way but.

You will have to find a contact in Japan to get those parts. The folks over at BurgmanUSA were able to do just that for Japan only Burgman parts.
If you want a rough idea of why we don't see the kind of accessories that other markets have, look at these sales figures for 2004 in Canada:

Total number of street bikes sold: 46,133 (street legal, any displacement, not dual purpose)
Total number of scooters sold: 5,982 (49cc - 650cc)

Total percentage of 2004 Canadian dollars spent on bike sales vs accessories:

New bike sales - 86%
Accessories - 14%

Yes, there will be large differences in the numbers if you compare Canada to the US but I'll bet percentage of scooters sold to that of street bikes would be similar. Why anyone would want to enter into a marketplace with such a small share of sales is beyond me.
The bigger scooter markets have some really cool stuff ... when we convince the motoring public that they need to buy a scoot too, we might see those things here!
i asked my local dealer about these parts. they told me that if i could get them a part # and it was in stock in japan, that he could order it !

it would take about 3 or 4 days to get here !

wasn't expecting that!

does anyone know the model designation for the 2005 maj 400 ?
one of these ?

5RU9 5RUD 5RUM 5VG1 5VG2 5VG3 ?

go to the google translator , it can translate whole web pages from japenese to english, and it's free.

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It definitely starts with 5RU (all parts on us website start with that code) see yamaha.motogrid.com
Need to check if we can get them here
i knew that, but what's the last bit ?

9, D, or M ?

i have to know before i can ask them to price check parts for me.

mabey it doesn't matter ? all 400's might be the same ?

the main thing im interested in is the xenon HID light kit.

From above:

Total number of street bikes sold: 46,133 (street legal, any displacement, not dual purpose)
Total number of scooters sold: 5,982 (49cc - 650cc)
Those are not the important numbers. The important figures are the increase in sales of scooters over the previous year(s). That's what gets the manufacturers' attention.

Wow !! Excellent web site !! Thanks for that. I see alot of things I would love to get my hands on !!! It's sad that here in the states that Yamaha refuses to bring over the T-Max. Everything I have read about the T-Max indicates that it is the perfect scoot. Engine size etc.... I talked to my friend who works for Yamaha and he said Yamaha has NO intentions of bringing the T-Max to the states. I need to hit the lotto and and go overseas and bring a bunch back. Anyone else want one???

Be safe all :wink:
For anyone who's seriously interested in buying some of the cool Japanese accessories available for the Majesty, here's a way to do it:

It's a Japanese buying service.
Thank-you for that web link PCM, what a nice surprise.

Thank-you again.

Wow, that is cool ... anyone try them out yet?
I forget where I found that link, but I tucked it into the back of my head... I can't think of a better thing to test it out on though than something special for the Maj... and look, they have hand guards.
I'd like to have the hand guards but 13,000 Yen plus shipping. I think I will pass.
That's about $110 -- which seems, what, about double what you might pay here for handguards?
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