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Drive belt

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I am very discouraged.
I just replaced the drive belt less than 1000 miles ago, and then it disintegrated.
The air filter to it was clean.
Why would this happen ?
It was a Yamaha belt.
Thanks, Mike.
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It was installed wrong. Did you make sure it wasn't pinched between the two halves of the clutch or sheaves by rotating by hand after you put the belt on? There's a directional arrow -was the belt rotating the right way? A lot of times the belt isn't properly seated and when the nuts on the variator and/or clutch are toqued, the belt gets squished and not seated properly.
I will check all that with the new belt.
It's an expensive lesson to learn. Good luck! The only time I ever had a belt shred(2x), they were both aftermarket belts. Never a problem with OEM. Although they are pricey, my Majesty belts were good for at least 20K miles, and when changed, because they were old, were still within spec.
Thanks for the information.
I have already downloaded a PDF manual.
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