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Epinions review

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Hello everyone
I found a review of the Majesty on the Epinions.com website and was wondering if some of you Majesty owners would give me your opinion about this. Here's a quote from the review--

"The bottom line is that the majesty is a great machine for cruising around your neighborhood, but it is a serious mistake to assume that it is suitable for any type of open road use. The engine is fully capable of carrying you at 60 or 70 mph, but if one large truck passes you at that speed on the highway, the wind just may knock you over."

The review went on to say it was unstable because of the amount of wind the fairing catches. He only gave it a 1 star rating.

What's your reaction to this criticism? thanks for your reply.
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I find it fine on the highway, and I drive it like a bat outta hell!

I think that person has an issue with Yamaha?
I read that review before I bought my Maj. I have a very low regard of the author's riding skills. He blames the bike because he can't keep the scooter going in a straight line.

That being said, of the six bikes I have owned, the Majesty is by far the least stable in turbulent air. It is stable enough, but it has a large profile, low weight and small wheels. You do need to be aware of the wind's influence when you set up to pass a semi or even a van. But being aware is about enough. If you fight the turbulence, you won't win, but if you relax and learn how the scooter reacts in the wind, you'll be fine.
I found that review too, before purchasing my Majesty. There's something about it that just didn't seem to jive with everything else I've read about the Majesty.

When I come across something like that, I take it at face value and try to verify it or disqualify it. I couldn't find anyone else who had that experience.

The epinions do count in my book, but they're really less "bona fide" than these here... where if someone makes a big statement like "Majesty's aren't good on the highway" then someone else is either going to refute that or confirm it.
The reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about.
I am not saying this is the case here, but I have seen public opinion sites like this have negative posts made by people working for the competition. I have also seen posts made by people obviously working in the product's sales department! I am suspicous whenever someone's opinion is completely out of wack from the rest.

The bottom line is that you do need to take the opinions with a grain of salt.

I have not noticed any undo turbulence on my Majesty.

I tend to agree with the other posts that the reviewer has the problem, not the scoot. I just took a 300 mile ride on my V-Star on I-40. The V-Star 650 weighs in just a little over 50 pounds heavier than the Majesty, but that didn't prevent the wind buffeting caused by other traffic. Riding close around or behind a semi at 60+ can create havoc in a hurry. If I see that a truck is going to pass me, I back off the throttle to allow the pass, and to allow the truck (or whatever) to gain some distance ahead of me. This puts me back into 'clean air'.
There may be conflicting opinions on this riding style, but it's mine. I usually run at or just under the speed limit on Interstate and on some major highways. Why? you might ask. I've found that "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get".
Enjoy the ride!
i would aree that there is noticable turbulence when passing or being passed by a large truck or bus, but nothing that you wouldnt expect on a bike (of any kind).

i was recently passed at speed (by an oncomming semi). i was doing about 110 km/h (65mph) he was doing at least 140 km/h (80 mph) in the other direction. i certainly knew all about it, and the wind blast hit like a ton of bricks, but i was not ever remotely likely to loose control of the maj at any time.

I would agree with the other experienced scoot-riders... yes, you get schmacked by a huge, multi-ton, bazillion-cubic-meter-displacing cargo truck flying by your several-hundred pound vehicle.. duh! But my jeep gets pushed around too, so does my truck, so did my car, so does anything else that doesn't weight tens of tons. Non-issue, unless you freak out in daily life, and in that case, best to stick to cage-driving!
Traded a Honda 750 shadow for the Majesty.....have found little difference when riding in windy conditions...in fact the lower center of gravity with the engine placement of the scoot over my cruiser makes the Majesty more stable IMO.
I just returned from a 2300 mile round trip to Dallas, Texas and rode in some of those notorious Texas wind gusts and can honestly say I was not overly concerned, even when in traffic. The trick is to know your limits, but first simply slow down. Wind gusts are dangerous period. ESPECIALLY when you're on two wheels.
That reviewer needs to keep his epinions to himself :wink:

Had to say that, but really it is non-sense. When I got this scoot I treated it like a motorcycle first and a scooter second. I drive it hard and fast. When I get up on the highway and cagers are flying by at 90 ... I get right behind them and cruise along in the stream ... no buffeting to be worried about. I have ridden the Majesty to the coast, fully loaded, into a 30 mph gusting headwind that changed directions from time to time ... sure it wasn't exactly what I would call fun, but it certainly wasn't something to cry about either. 99% of the time the Majesty feels really nice and composed in the wind ... and when it gets gusty and crosswinds are encouraging you to cross over the line, slow down or take cover ... you might be in a tornado or something.

Sorry, but after riding dual purpose bikes for years, this thing is solid!
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