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final drive oil level

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in inspecting things on the bike last night-removed small white plug on
left side rear to inspect gear oil level-how high is the fluid level supposed
to be-when removed cap no oil came out and could not figure out how to look inside to see oil level--how do you do it?
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That is a very good question and the answer is - you can't. One of the faults of the Majesty is it has no dipstick for the final drive oil.
You could make one when you change the oil - which is very easy to do, but Yamaha provides no method to check the level of the final drive oil.
It is not common for a tranny or differential to have a dipstick...rather, the tip of the little finger inserted into the hole should , upon removal, be wet with oil.
I have never seen a scoot tranny with a dip stick, but it would be nice.
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