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Finally got my top box for my Majesty today !

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Wow ! After 4 months, my top box which I ordered from my Yamaha dealer back in November of last year, fimally arrived today. They wanted $80.00 plus to install it, so I just took it home and did it myself in less than 30 minutes with NO instructions.

So it ain't rocket science.

I do think the box and mounting bracket was a little on the expen$ive $ide but you gotta do what you gotta do. Like they say, if you want to dance, you're gonna have to pay the fiddler.

It is light but extremely solid. It gives me a LOT more storage room and doesn't take any of the passenger seat (which I will use for storing camping gear and other S*T*U*F*F when I'm on the road). I believe they don't recommend putting more than 15 pounds in it, 7 Kilos or so ? I could take my lap top on my trip, but do I really NEED a computer?

I usually use the laptop when I'm traveling to store photos on and to work on my web page. But I can get 200+ high resolution (1.5-2.0 MB jpgs) on the 512 MB XD memory card before it's full. And if it does get full, I'll just drop by Wall World and burn 'em to CD.

Today the weather here in beautiful East Kentucky was 70 F and you bet I was out on the road. Filled up with petro getting 56 MPG. Such a great day for riding. Even now as I write, it is 50 F at 8 PM. As soon as the weather stabilizes I'm outta here. Anywhere from a week to a month are my plans, but I don't make a lot of schedules since I retired.

I'll put a picture or two on my Photo Gallery tomorrow and show you how the top box looks, although like we all know if you've seen one Majesty Scooter, you've seen 'em all.

Only difference is, this one is mine ! 8)

Pikeville, Kentucky
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WTG! I know you've been waiting and hoping it would come in time for spring. Looks like the timing gave you optimal weather for installation too. Look forward to seeing the pictures in the Gallery!
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