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Foam Air filters

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I live on 2.5 miles of red clay and sand road and it only takes a few trips on it and it's clogged again so I modified a Yamaha 2 stage foam air filter and replaced the paper element with it. The test ride was just like the day I got the scooter very smooth. I'll let you know how they do over several hundred miles .
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If you get a chance, post a picture or two for us to see. I'd be interested in seeing your handiwork. Thanks!
i too am thinking about a similar modification to that. but ill be waiting for the warranty to expire first.

don't want to give yamaha any excuse to dishonor any warranty issues that might arise over the next 16 months.

i was thinking about modifiying the stock air filter carriers so that they can hold an oiled K&N foam element. it would be heaps cheaper over the life of the scooter.

I have requested being able to post photos in the Gallery and will as soon as I can. I purchased my scoot used and had been laid over with no warranty so I wanted to try the foam filters.
here are the pictures that rob requested me to post for him.

looks like you did a really good job on them too.....


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Nice job! Please let us know how well you think they work. :thumbright:
I've put about 500 miles on my foam filters and I had to add a wire piece to hold the foam in place. The biggest thing I noticed was my gas mileage went up about 4 mpg, due to the better flow of the foam or my paper filter with 2000 miles on them was that dirty and the pick up seems a little better, next week I get my top case Oh yeah !

great news.

there is a company here in oz, that i can send my old paper element filters to, and they will professionally make me a two stage foam filter for them majesty using the old plastic "trays" as the basis.

they are saking $57AU each to do them, and there is a 3 week turn around.

not sure if they would be interested in sending some OS, but it might be worth asking.


i will be sending them both air filters at my next service. might even consider sending them the belt case filter too.

i will have to wait till my next service, as i will have to buy another pair of paper ones first. i will send them the old ones to convert. i have to do things this way, as i can not be with out my Maj for 3 weeks.
it's my only (daily) transport.

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When you get your filters Jason make sure you get a good filter oil it really makes all the difference. I tried several filter oils Klotz works good on catching the fine dust and does not run or dry out, but clean up is a pain. Let me know how they look when you can get them.

thanks Rob
i will post pictures once i get them done. it might take a while but.

my next major service (20k km) is due about september sometime.

i now have about 14k km done, and im doing the minor 15k km service myself. i will inspect the filters at that time, but im fairly certain that i will just be blowing them out, and not replacing them untill the next service.

as for the oil, i will make sure i get a good quality one, as there's no point in using foam filters if you skimp on the oil. as you know, it's the oil that does the filtering, not the foam.

also, it's very important not to over oil the foam. this will lead to poor fuel economy, and could potentially damage the throttle body unit. conversly, too little oil and you dont have sufficient filtration.


It sounds like you have come up with a good 'shadetree mechanic's' solution to decent filtration at an affordable price. Where did you get your filter medium and where can the rest of us find it??? I'd like to try making those myself but want to make sure I use foam designed for the job. Where can I get the raw materials?
Tom I picked up the foam from my Yamaha shop, but any of Jap bike shops should have what you need. I made my filter 2 ply- one fine and the outer is a prefilter. I also added a wire going across the foam to help keep it in place. The filter works real good and I'm cleaning it around every oil change (3000mi). PS- I lived in Roanoke VA for 35 year and been to Lynchburg several times and hope to ride the scooter back up there in a month or two. Thanks Rob
Hi Robert,

Many thanks for the idea and additional info. When you get into town, look me up if you have time. I live over in the Rivermont section of town. If you go to my website at www.alternative-images.net you'll see my pic and a nightime photo of our house and the phone number on the home page. It would be fun to meet another Majesty owner...I think I have the only one in town.

Does K & N Filters, make a filter for the majesty??
drjcl said:
Does K & N Filters, make a filter for the majesty??
nope, they don't. no one makes aftermarket air filters for the majesty (yet)

that's why many people are experimenting with making their own air filters.

K & N does however, make an oil filter that fits the majesty.


Where can you get the K&N oil filters for the Majesty??? I read somewhere recently the K&N oil filters were among the best you could use and I would like to get a few to keep on hand.
it was i, that posted about the K & N oil filters.

im not sure where exactly to get them but.
what i heard was that at some point early in the production run of the majesty, there was a shortage of filters avaliable at dealerships, so yamaha specified the K & N oil filter as an acceptable alternative.

the part # is KN-132

you can find info on the filter at the K & N web site.

i did a google for kn filters and used the first place that had them.. They were about $6 each and I bought 5 since shipping was the same as one..
I was just reading your post and went to the K&N link and looked at the filter...it says there is no anti-drainback valve, but I would have sworn the stock filter has an anti-drainback valve...any ideas guys??? I would think that would be a requirement to make sure the engine got oil pressure immediately on startup and also to prevent draining 'junk' the filter has caught back into the oilpan.
I've changed the oil about twice now and I looked at the old stock filter and it just has a bypass valve in the bottom for when the filter gets blocked. I like K&N but I would get which ever was easier. PS: The foam filters do a good job but with no rain the dust is bad here it don't take long to get them dirty. But cleaning them is simple. Rob
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