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Folsom, California..... again! (update)

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Saw a blue Maxi Scooter. Probably the same one I saw a few weeks ago. I'm not totally sure what it was. By the time I saw it, it was past me!! This was around 10am this morning!!

I figured insted of starting a new post I would use this one!!

Today(6-13-06) I saw a charcoal grey Majesty! I think it's the same guy I saw at my works parking lot a while back ago!! He was riding down Blue Ravine rd. Had a light grey helmet. Does this sound like you???

I need to find somebody that can make those cling on stickers, that way I can have one made that has this and other favorite web site links on it. I won't stick a permanet one on, just want to be able to keep the bike clean looking. Perm. ones tend to fade and become ugly looking! Cling on's can be replaced easily!! So anybody want to try to make some?!!!! Sorry kinda got off topic!!!!!!! :D
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